“Purple Hearts” Is The Most Streamed Netflix Soundtrack On Spotify

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Purple Hearts is the most streamed Netflix soundtrack on Spotify

  • Purple Hearts is officially the most streamed soundtrack from a Netflix original series, with more than 238 million Spotify streams. 
  • The musical Tick, Tick…BOOM! comes in second, with more than 214 million Spotify streams. 
  • Bridgerton dominated the ranking, holding three entries in the top 10. 

New study reveals that Purple Hearts is the most streamed Netflix soundtrack, earning more than $500,000 in royalties. 

The research, conducted by digital headphones magazine Headphonesty, analyzed every official soundtrack on Spotify from a Netflix original film or series to determine the most streamed soundtracks and their estimated royalties. To ensure fair comparisons, the research focused on the top 10 most streamed songs from each soundtrack, as the number of tracks in each soundtrack varied. 

The findings revealed that Purple Hearts takes the crown as the most streamed Netflix original series on Spotify. The series currently has more than 238 million streams on Spotify, earning an estimated $567,077 in royalties. The most streamed song on the soundtrack is ‘Come Back Home,’ with more than 103 million streams alone. Purple Hearts taking the top spot could be attributed to the film’s lead actress, Sofia Carson. The famous actress and singer, who catapulted into fame after starring in Disney’s Descendants franchise, sings all eight songs on the soundtrack. 

Tick, Tick…BOOM! ranks as the second most popular Netflix soundtrack, with more than 214 million streams on Spotify. The musical, starring Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson, has earned an estimated $511,670 in royalties in total. The most popular song on the soundtrack is ‘30/90,’ with more than 68 million streams alone. 

The research revealed that Bridgerton Season Two (Covers) places third. Season two of Bridgerton is split into two different albums: the covers, featuring covers of popular songs such as “Material Girl” and “Wrecking Ball” and the soundtrack, featuring music from Kris Bowers. The covers album ranks as the third most popular soundtrack from a Netflix original, with more than 133 million streams, equating to $318,186 in royalties. 

Don’t Look Up ranks as the fourth most streamed soundtrack from a Netflix original. The 2021 sci-fi comedy film features a star-studded cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep and its soundtrack has over 86 million streams on Spotify, earning $206,787 in royalties. The soundtrack features Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi on the song ‘Just Look Up,’ the most streamed song, with more than 72 million streams alone. 

Bridgerton Season One places next, in fifth place overall. The hit first season of the popular Netflix show has nearly 80 million streams on Spotify, amassing an estimated $190,365 in royalties. Bridgerton dominated the findings, holding three entries in the top 10. 

The top ten is rounded out by ranking Emily in Paris Season One ranking in sixth place, The Witcher Season Two in seventh, followed by A Beautiful Life, Persuasion and Bridgerton Season Two in eighth, ninth and, tenth, respectively. 

A spokesperson for Headphonesty commented on the findings: “Soundtracks are a fundamental part of film-making, intensifying the audience’s emotional connection to the story, characters, and setting.” 

“To no surprise, the hugely popular Purple Hearts takes the crown. In Netflix’s Purple Hearts, music plays just an equally significant role in shaping the storyline as the romance itself. The soundtrack perfectly integrates classic rock covers and original compositions into one unified album, performed by the hugely talented Sofia Carson. The song ‘Come Back Home’ has a whopping 103 million Spotify plays alone, which is more streams than seven of the top 10’s entire soundtracks.” 

Top 10 most streamed Netflix soundtracks 
Rank: Soundtrack: Total Spotify streams Earnings 
1. Purple Hearts 238,267,806  $567,077
2. Tick, Tick…BOOM! 214,987,487  $511,670
3. Bridgerton Season 2 (Covers) 133,691,582  $318,186
4. Don’t Look Up 86,885,461  $206,787
5. Bridgerton Season 1 79,985,171  $190,365
6. Emily In Paris Season 1 78,030,554  $185,713
7. The Witcher Season 2 56,702,943  $134,953
8. A Beautiful Life 48,183,092  $114,676
9. Persuasion 36,796,709  $87,576
10. Bridgerton Season 2 

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