Fashion Expert Predicts 2023’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes, From Barbie To Taylor Swift

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Fashion expert predicts 2023’s most popular Halloween costumes , from Barbie to Taylor Swift

With Halloween just around the corner, fashion experts from Boohoo have predicted this year’s hottest pop-culture themed Halloween costumes inspired by the most memorable moments from 2023 so far, from Barbie to M3GAN.  


Costumes for women


With ‘Barbiecore’ taking the world by storm over the last year, Barbie is expected to be the most popular Halloween costume this year, especially as the phrase ‘Barbie costume’ receives a huge average of 18,000 monthly Google searches worldwide. Luckily, Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster hit provides dozens of versions of Barbie to take costume inspiration from this Halloween, as well as multiple outfit choices from Margot Robbie’s Barbie. So, expect to see a fair amount of cowgirl Barbie’s, roller-skating Barbie’s and Weird Barbie’s this October.  


Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid  

Dressing as Disney princesses has always been a well-loved Halloween choice and this year, channeling Ariel will be particularly popular due to the recent debut of the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Consequently, the phrase ‘Ariel costume’ currently receives an average of 8,000 monthly searches worldwide. Recreate Ariel’s signature look by pairing a purple seashell bikini top with a green mermaid tail skirt, seashell jewelry and toy sidekick, Flounder.   


Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton   

This year, Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte will be another one of the most sought-after costumes. Netflix’s hit Bridgerton has become synonymous with elegant ballgowns, extravagant jewelry and stunning hairstyles and this Halloween is the perfect excuse for fans to live out their fairytale dreams by taking on the royal role of Queen Charlotte.  



Although the film came out in early 2023, horror icon M3GAN is another one of this year’s most popular costumes for those choosing a scarier costume choice. Recreate the murderous doll’s iconic outfit by layering a beige dress over a striped long-sleeve top with white tights, along with ballet flats and M3GAN’s signature blue and red striped kerchief or scarf. Pair this with some round sunglasses to complete the look and don’t forget to learn some of M3GAN’s killer dance moves to impress your friends. 

 Costumes for men 

Ted Lasso 
Arguably one of the most popular and most-anticipated shows of the year, Ted Lasso will likely be among the most popular Halloween looks this year. Jason Sudeikis’ character has a casual style that is easy to replicate using items you likely already own, consisting of a tracksuit, trainers, aviator sunglasses and visor. Most importantly, you’ll need a fake mustache to match Ted’s most distinguishing feature, as well as a whistle and football to complete the look. 

Ken and Alan 
Just like Barbie, we can expect to see a variety of Ken costumes this Halloween. From Ken’s tie-dyed ‘I am Kenough’ hoodie to his signature denim vest, there are plenty of Ryan Gosling’s looks from the film to replicate. For a more unique costume, however, grab a pair of blue shorts and a multicolored stripy shirt to dress as Michael Cera’s character from the film, Allan. 

Indiana Jones 
Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones is another popular men’s Halloween costume we can expect to see this Halloween. A classic costume every year, but the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has reignited interest in the classic 80s film, sparking 11,000 average monthly searches for ‘Indiana Jones costume’ worldwide. A button-down shirt, satchel and classic cowboy hat make the ideal minimal-effort costume, perfect for those obsessed with the franchise. 

Billy the Puppet from SAW 
For fans of scarier Halloween costumes, Jigsaw’s tricycle-riding puppet Billy will be a popular choice this year. The newest installment in the Saw franchise, Saw X, has recently hit cinemas, perfect timing for fans to dress as the horror icon by piecing together a suit, red bow tie and Billy’s signature face makeup. 

Costumes for couples  


Barbie and Ken  

This Halloween’s most popular couples costume will undoubtedly be Barbie and Ken, based on Greta Gerwig’s hugely successful Barbie. Ever since the announcement of Barbie and those pictures of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were leaked online, ‘Barbiecore’ has skyrocketed in popularity, so we can expect to see many couples dressed as the iconic plastic duo this Halloween. Couples primarily have two iconic matching outfits from the film to choose from, either Barbie and Ken’s matching neon rollerblading outfits or their hot pink cowboy costumes.  


Mario and Princess Peach  

Another popular couple costume this year will be Mario and Princess Peach, thanks to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the blockbuster animated hit that debuted this spring. To complete Mario’s look, you will need blue overalls, a red hat and long-sleeve top, as well as a fake mustache, whereas Princess Peach will need a pretty pink dress, signature blonde hair and tiara. Alternatively, gather your friends and turn this into a group costume, including other popular characters from the beloved franchise, including Luigi, Toad and Bowser.  


Elvis and Priscilla  

Elvis and Priscilla Presley will undoubtedly be one of the most popular couples costumes again this Halloween. Between Austin Butler portraying the King of Rock in Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 biopic Elvis and Sofia Coppola’s upcoming A24 film Priscilla, this Halloween is the perfect time to dress as the iconic couple. Replicate Priscilla’s classic look with a 60s-inspired mini dress and bouffant hair, and style a white jumpsuit or two-piece with gelled-back hair for the signature Elvis image.   


Group costumes  


Taylor Swift Eras  

Whether or not you’ve been lucky enough to go to The Eras Tour this year, gathering your friends and dressing up as each Taylor Swift era is the perfect nod to 2023. Friendship groups can either reuse your Eras tour outfits or piece together items already found in your wardrobe to replicate the different eras, including staples like cowboy boots, fringe dresses, sequins and friendship bracelets.   


Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte from And Just Like That…  

For friendship groups of three, dressing as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte is the perfect low-effort group costume for Halloween this year, following the popularity of the hit Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That... Friendship groups of four, however, can also include Samantha, to pay homage to the original four and Kim Cattrall’s highly anticipated cameo in the new season.  


Pink Ladies from Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies  

Due to Paramount’s recent prequel series Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, we can also expect to see group costumes from Grease this Halloween. Danny and Sandy from the popular 70s musical have always been classic go-to couples Halloween costumes, but this year the Pink Ladies will steal the spotlight, so much so that the term ‘Pink Ladies jacket’ currently receives an average of 6,500 Google searches a month worldwide. Turn yourself into any member of the Pink Ladies for the night with your own signature pink jacket, poodle skirt and headband.  

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