Will The Thrill Vows To ‘Take It Sleazy’

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New album, Take It Sleazy from WILL THE THRILL


St. Louis-based melodic rock trio WILL THE THRILL comes out swinging as their new album, ‘Take It Sleazy’ hits stores across North America through Weapon Records / Vanity Music Group. 

Twelve songs soaked in late 80s / early 90s Sunset Strip sleaze metal, complete with over-the-top guitar antics, courtesy of G.I.T. graduate Will Aguilar and lyrics that Tipper Gore would have most certainly had an interest in, Take It Sleazy is a lesson in the mentality of Rockstar 101. “80s Rock music is the best!” enthuses Aguilar. “The drums slam and the overall production is killer. Musicians actually played their instruments and did it well – and the songs are fun–they’re all about kickin’ ass, getting action and having a good time ALL the time.”

Teaming up with engineer Chris Turnbaugh at Sawhorse Studios and Will at his home studio in St. Louis, as well as Joel Wanasek producing and mixing the album at JTW Music in Milwaukee, ‘Take It Sleazy’ was created over available time from November of 2015 through April of 2021. This saw Aguilar using a core backing band of bassist Mojoe Murphy and drummer Tony Barbata to lay down the material that would comprise ‘Take It Sleazy.’ Then, the CD layout was created by Will, with artwork by Jacob Stoltz of Minneapolis. Session drummer Tony Barbata stepped up and accepted this project, taking on a full-length album on short notice and he really delivered. “Mojoe dedicated himself to finishing the project we started together and is currently touring with Australian blues singer Kara Grainger, as well as playing with the Brad Allan Band and his own project The Big Deal Band,” Will states. Will and Mojoe are still thick as thieves and hang out sometimes at Mojoe’s kids’ birthday parties.

Working with Wanasek – best known for his work with heavier acts such as Dope, Blessthefall and Machine Head – was only obvious as Will and Joel have known each other for nearly two decades. “Joel and I met because he used a bot program to add me as a friend on MySpace in 2005, when I was living in Milwaukee. Everything matched up pretty well for us–we both played Metal and used the same software. I started with him in his dad’s basement all those years ago and now he’s doing really well. Not only does he mix, but he also sells useful production plugins and runs education courses with well-known guest producers so he can bring up a new generation of mixers who want to create music and set new standards of excellence. Me and Joel trust each other to do what we do best. I make 80s Metal music and he uses modern production methods to make it sound radio-ready. Over the years, he’s pushed me to deliver my best performances on record because he won’t accept low quality work; as he says, “No small-time!”

As for the material, as stated, I’s full thrust 80’s / early 90’s influenced melodic hard rock“I Just Want Your Love Tonight” is influenced by Accept on the opening riff, Ratt on the verse and chorus, Van Halen on the pre-chorus, and it’s got this Motley Crue, Mick Mars-type solo. It’s got everything you want and nothing you don’t. With “Always Be Number Two,” Aguilar decided to “write a love letter to all those band girlfriends who get tired of their guys leaving them at home to go to rehearsals and gigs. It’s saying, ‘Babe, I love you almost as much as I love Rock and Roll –and that’s a lot!’” The riffs are kinda like Randy Rhoads-era Quiet Riot and the choruses have big harmonies like Sweet, Aguilar denotes. In “Riot,” the band went all in for Speed Metal madness. It’s dedicated to the memory of Mark Reale of the band Riot and has a heavy helping of Thundersteel-era type riffs in there. Be free, chase your dreams and feed off the power of all those screaming fans.

‘Take It Sleazy’ is out now and you can purchase the album at all good record stores and on Amazon, as well as stream it on Spotify


Will Aguilar – Lead vocals, all guitars
Brian Lebo – Bass
Doug Mirley – Drums, percussion


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