Marble Releases Lyric Video For “30 Silver Coins”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Rogue PR*

MARBLE are back! The melodic metal band from North Italy have released their new opera, the following to 2008 “A.t.G.o.d.” (Y Records/Warner) and the 2010 self-titled EP. The new album “S.A.V.E.” presents a lyrical connection between the songs, focused on the three theological virtues and the seven deadly sins. The new members, Eleonora Travaglino on vocals and Norman Ceriotti (Defamed, Roll for Initiative) along with founders Paul Beretta, Omar Gornati on guitars, Daniel Fleba on bass and Jacopo Marchesi on keyboards, have blended both melody and aggressiveness into a mix of melodic choruses, heavy guitar, technical rhythms and keyboard harmonies.

The song “Mine” won an online contest with Swedish death metal guitar master Marko Tervonen (The Crown), and has been mixed and mastered by him, while the whole album has been produced by Giulio Capone (Moonlight Haze, ex Temperance, Bejelit). The Artwork for “S.A.V.E.” was created by the great Finnish artist Jan Yrlund of

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