Electric Treatment Free Release Self-Titled EP

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Electric Treatment Free

Electric Treatment Free (EP)


9 May 2020
Ottawa-based Experimental Electronic musician/producer Electric Treatment Free embraces multi-genre terrain on adventurous debut self-titled EP release, out now on digital platforms.

Electric Treatment Free
’s first release combines diverse musical techniques and genres to create an electroacoustic sound that is idiosyncratic yet readily accessible.

Stream the EP on Bandcamp.

Artist Name: Electric Treatment Free
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Release Title: Electric Treatment Free [EP]
Release Date: May 2020
Label: Independent

Musician Names/Instruments:
All music written by a human (Mark Uygur) and played by a computer.
Producer Name(s): 
Mark Uygur
Additional mastering support provided by Topon Das at Apartment 2 recordings.
Similar/RIYL: A blend of Frank Zappa, Boards of Canada, Kim Hiorthøy and John Cage.
Genre(s): Experimental, electronic, instrumental, laptop music, leftfield, mixed-genre, post-genre, sample music, electroacoustic.

1) study 4
2) andrei’s bright day
3) the brother of sleep
4) maths (conlon guitars)
5) fort smith


YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV1_EwrYLCP2LzoLccK3liQ/featured 

Artist Biography: 

Electric Treatment Free is the Experimental Electronic Solo Project of Ottawa musician/producer Mark Uygur. An Ottawa resident for over 20 years, Uygur studied music for many years with private teachers and completed university courses in theory and composition. He cut his teeth performing as a guitar player with various bands locally.

Electric Treatment Free allows Mark to explore and integrate sounds and forms from different musical genres, as well as use software to experiment with new timbres and production techniques. In terms of influences, ETF could be described as ‘a blend of Frank Zappa, Boards of Canada, Kim Hiorthøy and John Cage.’

In May 2020, Electric Treatment Free‘s first self-titled EP was released. The EP showcases ‘an electroacoustic sound that is idiosyncratic yet readily accessible.‘ New compositions are currently under development.

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