Clara Jones Releases New Single “Ordinary Person”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Clara Jones*

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You know the feeling when you’re lying awake at night in a spiral of anxiety and can’t understand why the regular stressors of life are so intense for you? When you begin to compare your problems with others and find yours unworthy of the 3am despair you’re feeling?

It isn’t rational, but I think it is something we’ve all gone through this year.I wanted to illustrate that slice of life with my new single, “Ordinary Person.”

You are not the only one engaging in catastrophic thinking and I hope this song can be a comfort through this.

Stream “Ordinary Person” through SoundCloud + Spotify now.

“Ordinary Person” is my first solo release after nearly a decade with my band, Motel Raphaël. This feels like one of the very first times I truly sound like myself, capturing my writing style and DIY musical tastes. 
Matt Rogers (Fleece) and Ethan Soil (FleeceDish PitMotel Raphaël) assisted me in recording “Ordinary Person,” along with my then 6-month-old daughter, Violette, who joined us at the studio. We recorded everything loud while she was awake, then I put her to sleep and did the vocals with her in my arms. When the day of recording was done, we sent the files to Adel “Poolboy” Kazi and he added his magic.

My music asks honest questions about what it means to live in a world in transition and is meant to provide a space for everybody. I hope that you can hear yourself reflected in this song.

Thank you,

Clara Jones

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