French Metal/Melo-Death/Thrash Crossover Trio Haundead Unveil New Official Music Video “Survive” On YouTube

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

French metal/melo-death/thrash crossover trio Haundead unveiled new official music video “Survive” on YouTube.

New album ‘Freedom Won’t Save Our Souls’ out now on CD/Digital through Domino Media Group
About three months after the official release of its brand new full-length album ‘Freedom Won’t Save Our Souls,’ French metal/melo-death/thrash crossover trio Haundead premiered another music video, illustrating the song “Survive” on YouTube.

For reminder, ‘Freedom Won’t Save Our Souls’ is still available on CD & Digital with the help of the Domino Media Group (Colossus Of Destiny, Jian, Sound Of Memories…) while a digital release will follow soon on the main legal platforms. 
Watch the official music video of “Survive” on YouTube 
 Stream/Buy the album on CD/Digital through Bandcamp 
 ... For the record…

Haundead is a melodic death metal band from Lyon (France)

Influenced by the Swedish metal scene, metal from the 90’s, American thrash-crossover movement or modern post-rock vibes, HDD consisted of four friends who built up a project gathering their music composition and mostly things they wanted to listen to.

Band started early 2018 with Olivier Ramassamy (vocals), Alexandre Bouteiller (guitar), Sébastien Vallart (bass) and Rémi Pillon (drums). With their other band experiences, music composition went fast…Haundead brought out their first single “The Call” at May 2018.

Recorded and mixed on their own and mastered by Thibault Bernard (Convulsound). This single gave birth to a clip illustrating the Haundead universe. Also, this single gave a chance to the band to get pretty concert events in France and Germany. Haundead shared the scene with bands like : The Oath (FR), The Black Passage (DE) and Xaon (CH).

Then, in 2020, the band started to work on its debut full-length record, but a few months later, the band separated from Rémi Pillon (drums). 

This album called ‘Freedom Won’t Save Our Souls’ released in Fall 2021 through the Domino Media Group. 

For fans of : At The Gates, Heaven Shall Burn, In Flames, Septicflesh… 

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