Back Pocket Alimony & Ronx Collaborate On New Single, “Lemon Cake”

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BACK POCKET ALIMONY & RONX Collaborate on New Single, “Lemon Cake”

Following the release of summer 2021’s “Gripe and Tenacity” EP, Montclair, New Jersey-based punk quartet Back Pocket Alimony are teaming up with New York-based pop-punk band Ronx for a brand new single, titled “Lemon Cake.” 

“The song is about falling out with someone you’re trying really hard to mend the relationship with. When it comes time to accept that things are done, you end up trying to find a way to rebuild yourself and become better than the person you were when you were going through that – ultimately blooming from it, letting go of what was and accepting what can be.”  

Back Pocket Alimony’s modern pop-punk sound influenced the musical direction of this track, while the lyrics show someone dealing with the aftermath of a devastating breakup, focusing more on their own growth and self-improvement.
Stream “Lemon Cake” HERE!
About Back Pocket Alimony:

Back Pocket Alimony is a punk-derived band hailing from Montclair, New Jersey consisting of members Jeff Gale Beatty (Guitar), Louis Ambrosius (Drums), and Marshall Aviles (Vocals). Back Pocket Alimony brings a uniqueness to the genre of Punk with their piercing vocal melodies, fat and in-your-face guitar tones, mathy drum structures, and smooth and intricate bass lines. Don’t let their appearance on stage fool you, for they are some of the most humble chaps you will meet and can befriend. They aspire for great things and their passion for the game is easily seen in their live stage performances. No Back Pocket Alimony experience is complete without a visit to one of their many live shows so go see them sometime!

About Ronx:

Ronx is a Latino punk band coming from Bronx, NY. Influenced by bands such as Blink 182, Neck Deep and 5 Seconds of Summer. They use energetic instrumentation, memorable melodies and honest lyrics to craft a similar sound in the genre and this is shown very clearly on their latest EP “Another Year & I’m Still Here,” which was released in March of 2021.

“We spent about two years talking about what’s next and where we want to be in the next 6 to 12 months, writing more songs trying to figure out new ways to express our feelings with music.” says bassist/vocalist Josh Reguillo.

Ronx aims to spread a positive message through their music, letting listeners know that they are never alone in anything that they may be going through and that they can overcome any obstacles in their life if we just keep fighting. In 2019, the band also released two standalone singles, “On My Own” and “Roses,” (recorded and produced by Randy Pasquarella), both of which send hope and positivity through the lyrics and show how much the band’s sound has matured and evolved since their formation.

In 2021 and early 2022,, the band followed up with their newest singles, “Mary Jane,” “Drug In Me,” “Good Vibes,” as well as two additional EPs, “Another Year And I’m Still Here” and “Retrograde.”  These recent releases showcase a more pop rock-influenced side of the band’s sound with their infectious energy and melodies. 

Ronx is:

Miguel Vasquez – Guitar/Vocals
Joshua Reguillo – Bass/Vocals
Alexy Perez – Guitar

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