Edmonton, AB’s Wolfrik Release Debut LP ‘Clones’ Via Thousand Islands Records (North/South Americas), Lockjaw Records (UK/EU)

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Edmonton, AB’s Wolfrik Release Debut LP ‘Clones’ Via Thousand Islands Records (North/South Americas), Lockjaw Records (UK/EU)

“Clones showcases that the band has spent time further refining their approach and making the transition between the melodic and heavy side of their sound seamless. With an equal amount of blistering riffing and sing-along hooks, there’s plenty to like about what Wolfrik has to offer and the variety should attract a diverse set of listeners to come along for the ride.”- Metal Trenches

“The band’s frantic guitar riffs and pummelling percussion provide an adrenaline pumping playground for vocalist Dylan Toews.”- Dusty Organ

“…eviscerating, indomitably fluid blend of Hardcore Punk, Thrash and a myriad of shamelessly overt and relentless metallically comprised structures.”- Ear Nutrition
Photo: Karolynn Mattern
Stream The New Album Here 
Stream the “Bashem” Video Here 
Edmonton, Alberta five-piece hard rock/heavy metal band Wolfrik has released its debut full-length ‘Clones’ via Thousand Islands Records (North/South Americas) and Lockjaw Records (UK/EU).

Stream / buy ‘Clones’ here: https://bfan.link/clones.

Stream the “Bashem” video here: https://youtu.be/VKDe634_rQo.

Equal parts haunting, heavy and uplifting, Wolfrik’s ‘Clones’ LP will throw you to the ground only to pick you up, dust you off and send you on your way better than before.

With a solidified local presence and reputation, the band’s focus shifted towards touring following the release of their 2017 EP, ‘Skeleton City’ (Lockjaw Records UK, Thousand Island Records CAN). With the help of Steve Rawles, (Belvedere/MBBM) Wolfrik had a breakout year in 2019, touring Europe for three weeks, playing festivals such as Manchester Punk Fest and SBAM in Austria, as well as supporting a cross country Canadian tour with No Fun At All.


Dylan Toews
Mark Seifeddine
Nathaniel Court
Luca Properzi
Nathan Troock
“This band have the power to tear through your city like a whirlwind of fun, leaving a trail of riffs, screamed choruses and raised fists.” – Sarah WilliamsShout Louder

“A combination of all things Punk, Metal and Thrash. Complex yet catchy, melodic, heavy and nothing short of a good time.” – Propagande Distribution

“Wolfrik are here to thrash your face off; turn your stereo up loud and say goodbye to your features, as your skin and eyeballs melt and drip all over your favourite sneakers.” – blogginrotten
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Clones Tracklist

Mortal Towns
The Black Mare
Forty Fives
Fend & Turn
All Tongues
Slime Beneath Us
Red Wing




Thousand Islands Records

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