Andre Pettipas And The Giants Release New Single “Homesick,” Feat. Christopher Thorn (Blind Melon)

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Homesick” was inspired by some early band woes on the road in Western Canada after we played a show to a handful of people on a Tuesday night. It was written in our hotel room, where I thought to myself, “I’m thousands of kilometers away from home right now and I know this is what my life is going to be, but we need to work harder to get better results.” 

Listen to our brand new single, “Homesick” featuring Blind Melon guitarist Chistopher Thorn, on your preferred streaming platform.

Produced by Brian Moncarz (Alice Cooper, OLP), you’ll hear our southern rock and 90s pop/rock influences. 

Being a musician takes an insane amount of patience and control. It’s so easy to get frustrated with yourself and want to throw in the towel. The reassurance from my wife, our friends, family and fans is something that keeps this dream alive. This is where the bridge in the song is highlighted with saying, “Thank you in advance.” 

It’s an acceptance of fate while appreciating those people that continue to inspire and push us to hit that next level. 
Homesick” is the most personal track on our upcoming record, No Fools, No Fun, out on July 9th

Thank you,

Andre Pettipas and The Giants

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