Arms & Armour (HIRAM-MAXIM) Releases Martin Bisi (Unsane, Sonic Youth) Produced EP On June 21

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Arms & Armour (HIRAM-MAXIM) releases Martin Bisi (Unsane, Sonic Youth) produced EP on June 21

Cleveland, Ohio duo Arms & Armour, which is comprised of Lauren Voss (vocals, guitar, synth) and HIRAM-MAXIM drummer John Panza (drum machines, samples, synth), are set to release their Into This Wide Unkown EP on June 21 via Panza’s own Erroneous Exegesis Records label.

CVLT NATION is streaming the EP in full here. Sean Reveron of CVLT NATION had this to say about it: 

“Open your mind and allow the slow-moving glory of Arms & Armour to take over your reality! Their new EP ‘Into this Wide Unknown’ is a Swampy Trip Hop journey into a universe where the rainclouds will shower you with sunshine! Lauren Voss’s vocals are enchanting, while the music is the perfect backdrop for her voice. I would love to get high, look out my window on a rainy day and listen to this record. In its own special way, Arms & Armour is heavy, while still being uplifting. They create sad music for happy days and if you dig otherworldly sounds, this is for you. Oh yeah, “Apostasy” is my jam because it has this really rad dub vibe to it with a No Wave underbelly.”

“As a band that began more than a decade ago as a guitar and drums act, we’ve moved deeper and deeper into electronics in recent years,” Panza says of the band, whom some describe as equal parts Chelsea Wolfe and Claire Voyant with dashes of Emma Ruth Rundle, Blonde Redhead and PJ Harvey. “We know that this blend of electronics and doom is what we want from our songs and performances.”

“This approach also plays well into the themes we have explored recently,” Panza adds. “From agency to pregnancy to motherhood to exegetical frameworks that compel us one way or another, make us feel pity, shame, envy, compassion, derision and especially, vulnerability. We work to find a melding of voice and music that unsettles as much as it inspires. Arms & Armour is flesh as much as it is protection.”

Arms & Armour recorded the EP with Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane, Violent Femmes) at BCStudios, producing the effort alongside Bisi. For mastering, the band tapped Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.

 “The concept for this album is centered around the Divine Feminine and all the beauty, power and horror that energy encompasses,” Voss explains. “It’s creation coincided with the birth of my daughter and though much of the music had been written prior to pregnancy, it had a profound impact on the production of our EP and the direction we have been going.

“While the divine feminine is a more common and even widespread topic in music today, motherhood is less so. This is due to a lot of reasons I won’t go into here, but it was important to me to challenge the perception that women in music quit and disappear if we choose to become mothers. I am heartened by more mainstream musical divas showcasing their motherhood and more feminist music publications, like She Shreds media, highlighting rock moms,” Voss adds. “For me, pregnancy was a time when I felt my most vulnerable, but also most powerful and I feel that came through in this [effort].”

Additionally, Voss says she is excited for the debut of the video for their first single.

“I filmed myself all by myself in the august heat at nine months pregnant. That’s what came out of my ‘nesting phase’ of pregnancy.”

Visit the band here:


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