In Theory Releases Smashing Debut “Heroes”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Moxie Publicity*


A robust guitar, an appearance from the powerful Hammond B3 Organ music bed and anthemic vocals – “Heroes” from shape-shifting blues rock band, In Theory, is a battle cry. Instinctual and a darker, pulsating current running rampant, the duo behind In Theory, Tony Covino and Mike Mostert, stomp footprints into an unpredictable rock sound. “Heroes” asks the listener who are your heroes and do they lie?, while In Theory casts a truthful, sonic curveball. 

Who are your heroes, will we survive?, Covino bleeds. His octave-defying voice contains hints of the late rockers Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), hovering over Mostert’s swampy guitar licks. The music is reminiscent of high energy Soundgarden, a nod to Led Zeppelin and brewed together with echoes of the Muscle Shoals sound; The Allman Brothers Band, Levon Helm and Joe Cocker’s residues eek their way into the music bed. The assaulting percussion drives a wider landscape, a vice-grip intensity stands its ground. 

“Heroes commands the listener to sit and ingest every note,” Mostert, who has known Covino for several decades, said. “It’s a statement that the listener needs to find on their own, but we’ve created a road map to help them discover who they putting up on a pedestal in their lives. Think inward, the people we idolize aren’t always the best choice.” 

Mostert, who spends his time between Los Angeles, New York City and Muscle Shoals (Alabama), draws from an eclectic musical foundation that includes jazz, R&B, soul rock and even techno. He and Covino were signed to EMI Records in the early 1990s and have collaborated over the years in music in numerous television programs. Late in 2019 Mostert, Chief Executive Officer for GoGo Tuners, produced the song collection, Mike Mostert and the GoGo Tuners Family, a collaborative eclectic album showcasing new music produced by Mostert and performed by a long list of well-respected singers and musicians. In Theory made its debut on the record and aims to release several tracks following “Heroes.” | Facebook: intheoryorginal | Instragram: intheoryoriginal

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