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Soul Trip 
4 September 2020
Visionary NYC-based Pop Singer Songwriter Shihori’s new single “Soul Trip,” released Sept 4th, carries a profound message for our chaotic and challenging times. Pulling from her unique life experience, Shihori shows the way to de-stress when faced with negativity and self-retreat to a higher frequency by invoking the power of music, melody and positive self-talk.

On the Importance of Switching Streams.

With negativity, gossip and chaos dominating our feeds and news sources, and with all of us facing the challenges of self-isolation, it’s easy to give in to the negative stream.

Shihori, who has overcome multiple disabilities (Partial deafness, Asperger syndrome and dwarfism) and even a kidnapping incident in her relatively short life, sings songs about true love (“love who you are” etc) and how to create a stronger inner life; empowering yourself so you can empower others.

Shihori made her major debut in Japan in 2007. She has released popular songs, including 11 that were Gold Disc certificated (sold more than 10,000 copies) CDs despite facing many tough experiences since her childhood.

“Sometimes I felt death very near me, especially when I was bullied in elementary school and around the time I was mentally abused and kidnapped by music management company people. What saved me at last was the idea that, ‘Everything has both sides, there’s a light on the other side of shadow, ‘God coordinates things perfectly for better life all the time.”“So, SEEK THE LIGHT SIDE”

Shihori sang in her previous single, “Perfect Imperfection” about accepting your true self and both the shadow and light in you, as an existence having Perfect Imperfection. Now, she steps forward to “show you how to get your self to the good statement from the negative statement.”

After a decade of her success in Japan, Shihori relocated to US to challenge herself and seek bigger success.

“These beliefs get me to seek the good meaning of what happens to me and what God wants me to learn from the thing TO BE BETTER. Knowing that there’s always better life waiting for you, your brain will find the solution eventually, but when you are caught by irresistible negative thoughts or anxiety, it’s good to have a list of your favorite things, which make you smile. Tasting the happiness gets rid of the negatives from your mind, then you would be in a stream of higher frequency. Eat a cute cupcake…hold your dog tight…talk to your family or best friend or lover…Or listen to the music!”
Shihori has been struggling since her relocation in NY in 2018 to get used to American culture and to adjust her established music style to the American music industry and write songs in English.

“It wasn’t easy at all. I feel like I’m surviving in a jungle literally
,” she says, but still her powerful music and performances full of positive energy have stunned audiences in the U.S..

Navigating a Pandemic and Finding New Creative Outlets
Through the pandemic and three months of self-quarantine, she created some songs which includes the previous single and this newest single, “Soul Trip.”

“I was pretty much stressed out at the beginning of the pandemic; all the gigs were canceled, I couldn’t have the studio sessions and photo shoots, but I told myself these beliefs everyday, I tried to find the light side of this hardship. I found this could be a great opportunity to invest in a better future while I can’t be out at all. I bought some equipment, made my bedroom into a recording and photoshoot studio, learned some new skills. I looked around Soundbetter and found two very talented music producers I could work on new singles with, which was the most amazing treasure I got because of this pandemic.”

The New Single

Shihori’s new single “Soul Trip” is a Killian Cruiser-produced melodic pop ballad featuring her signature emotionally charged, original vocal stylings. Shihori’s melodies dance lightly over downtempo electronica beats and hypnotic synths. Killian Cruiser described the track as “super modern and vibey, but kinda sexy and edgy too!” 

The trip is a joyful one, like a walk with a trusted friend. The message is light, but profound, delivered with sweetness.

“The power of ‘like’ is the strongest. Remember it every time you feel stressed, pick your favorite something out! Then, you will find the light a bit easier. I hope that ”Soul Trip” will help you get to the higher frequency!”

“Soul Trip” Stream:

More Info:
Artist Name:Shihori
Location: NY
Release Title: Soul Trip
Release Date: 09/04/2020
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: Shihori / Vocal / Piano
Producer Name(s): Killian Cruiser
Similar/RIYL: Sia, Bjork, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Goldfrapp
Genre(s):Pop / Singer Songwriter

Official Website:
Facebook: Shihori Nakane
Twitter: @shihoriNY (En) @shihori94 (JPN)
YouTube Channel:

Shihori Artist Biography:

Shihori is an artist who has truly turned what others saw as her flaws into gifts. Having been born with deafness in her left ear, Asperger’s syndrome and a form of dwarfism, many might have said the odds were stacked against her. But Shihori says this particular combination of differences helped her in creating her extraordinary music. It created what Shihori calls her “half-silent world” and both gave her a unique level of concentration and perfect pitch in her right, or “musical” ear.

I lived in my own imagination world,” says Shihori, “I didn’t hear anything, I just created. I had no friends, but I didn’t even notice. People thought I was ignoring them many times, but I just didn’t hear them, especially from my left side and my right ear was for my imagination…everything sounds like music to me.”

Despite being largely quiet and being in her own creative world, Shihori discovered her musical gift early on.

“When I was seven, I found people stopped like stones and stared at me when I sang. That was the first time I really recognized other people around me and it was quite shocking to me. That interaction still happens between myself and my audience every time I sing.” 

It seems almost inevitable that Shihori would become a singer and songwriter with that feeling of connection with her audience combined with her extraordinary voice. Despite Shihori being comfortable with her conditions, she still faced struggles being accepted. Her parents elected to have her subjected to invasive treatments for her dwarfism and her ear’s appearance.

“I had to have plastic surgeries to make my left ear look ‘normal’ when I was nine and ten, although it didn’t turn out to be a success…but that was a big surgery (to go through) as well,” she said of her ear condition.

“For the dwarf syndrome, I took growth hormone shots every day for seven years when I was a child and that treatment did work. I knew my parents really worried about me and they did everything out of love, so I have appreciated it but (with so much emphasis on my perceived flaws) I found much later that I was also hurt deep inside. It turned into an eternal sorrow. I thought, ‘Why do I have to change my shape to be the same as everyone else? What’s wrong with looking different from others?  I am not miserable!! I like how I was born!'”

Despite creating her own confidence in this way, Shihori also had trouble in school and the strict Japanese society around her. Even with the best of intentions, medical treatments in early childhood can lead to trauma and the child feeling like they’re “broken” far into adulthood. Shihori’s strong nature helped her rise above it, but there were more challenges than just her parents and the medical procedures.

“I wasn’t allowed to just be myself,” she remembers. “Japanese culture forces you to be the same as everyone else, so I was bullied…because I was very different from other kids. Through those experiences, ‘love who you are’ became the core message of my music…and now I think America needs this message too. What does it matter if your skin color is white or black? What matters more is what your SOUL looks like.

Once again, Shihori rose above the criticism and followed her dream to become a professional musician.

“It was very difficult to become successful as a singer in Japan, not just because of my physical differences, but also because of my character. In Japan, people like more ‘cute’ and ‘meek’ type of personality and appearance in female music artists. Producers told me to act ‘not as strong’ or ‘look cuter.”

That restrictive culture with producers and management companies even led to domestic abuse and kidnapping for Shihori, but that strong nature they were trying to push down allowed her to persevere. In 2016, 11 years after the initial traumatic experience, Shihori bravely opened up about her experience being kidnapped.

“I still had PTSD, but I came out about this finally. I’ve wished to help young people who are in similar situations and actually I’ve helped younger artists to escape from bad company or taught them psychological or legal strategies.” 

Shihori went on to find success in Japan, contributing to a wide range of projects and collaborating with some of the country’s best talents.

Shihori made her major debut as a singer songwriter with the 1st single, “TSUBASA,” which was used as the ending theme song for the TV anime, “Kishin Taiwan Gigantic Formula” in 2007.(Under the name of “Sena”) Her 3rd major single “Never End Wonderland” got 5th place in the daily rankings of the Japanese Oricon Hit Chart.

Since then, she composes and sings for movies, video games, TV commercials and anime shows which include “FAIRY TAIL,” “The Irregular at Magic High School,” “Macross Frontier,” “My Little Pony,” “”Ultraman R/B ” and so on.

Dozens of her songs have made it into the hit chart and for 11 of them, Shihori has received Gold Disc Certification, having sold more than 1 million CDs total. Shihori  has written songs for some of Japan’s most famous contemporary artists such as Nana Mizuki and Momoiro Clover Z and has collaborated with worldwide famous music creators such as Kohei Tanaka (composer of world-famous anime series “ONE PIECE“) and Yoko Kanno (music producer, composer of “Ghost in the Shell”) as a lyricist.

People often describe her performance and voice as a “physically heart-shaking song.” Shihori is a frequent performer at venues all over Japan and North America includes Otakon in Baltimore 2010, Santa Fe JIN Festival 2012, Tekko con in Pittsburgh 2019, San Japan in San Antonio 2019 and so on.

She moved to NY in January 2018, started her performing and recording career in the U.S.. She has held Solo Concerts in Manhattan four times, and released her first EP in the U.S. titled “Angel in the Garden” September 2018, released her 1st single “Let Me Go” August 2019 and 2nd single “Jungle – Cyber Mix” September 2019. SHIHORI released her first self-cover album in February 2020, including anime songs and hit songs. “I was so surprised when I came to NY for the first time. Independent and strong women are respected and there are lots of different preferences in music and style. I thought, ‘Oh my God! This place really accepts uniqueness and freedom! I didn’t know there is a place like this totally different world that allows you to be yourself. Everybody looks so different. So many races, colors, cultures, fashion, ideas…I am so happy to be surrounded by colorful people!”

All of Shihori’s experiences have not only driven her to become a musician, but they’ve also colored her work. All of her recent singles have lyrics which contain her unique perspective on the world and her experience. Her upcoming singles cover a range of subjects from embracing our differences to seeing others in a better light to support for domestic violence and COVID mask charities, but the heart of them always comes back to the “love who you are” philosophy Shihori developed early in life and that has fueled her amazing journey.

“You are the person who you’ll be with the rest of your life; that’s your most important relationship, so you are the one you should care for the most, your true life partner.”

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