Yves Jarvis Shares Music Video For New Single “Semula”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*


An enthralling and surprising listen … coming from the same Afro-futuristic camp as Thundercat and Kendrick Lamar.” – Under the Radar 

Audet’s work is haunting, yet inviting, blending careful folk-noir with tender R&B flourishes, pillowy vocal beds, and a punkish ambivalence.”  – XLR8R on For Props” 


Montreal’s Yves Jarvis unveiled his third studio album, Sundry Rock Song Stock, on September 25 (digitally) and will on November 13 (vinyl) via Flemish Eye. Following the release of “Victim” and “For Props,” Jarvis returns with another new single from the record. Watch the official “Semula” music video on YouTube now.

Jealousy and judgmental behaviour earn his ire on “Semula” with its exhausted opening lines: It’s your aim to shame me / just please spare me your sanctimony.
Sundry Rock Song Stock
Yves Jarvis
September 25, 2020
Flemish Eye 

1. Epitome
2. In Every Mountain
3. For Props
4. Ambrosia
5. Emerald
6. Victim
7. Semula
8. Notch In Your Belt
9. Emblem
10. Fact Almighty 

As a pre-teen street corner busker, some of Jarvis‘ earliest performances took place outside. He returned to an open-air environment for his new album Sundry Rock Song Stock‘s creation, setting up a makeshift studio to lay down its foundation of guitar, Nord synth and Rhodes electric piano. Recording on a reel-to-reel tape machine, he experimented with various off-kilter techniques including a softly tapped steel drum drenched in effects, or melodies played on a wine glass meant to mimic a flute. 

I want my recordings to be naturalist, so from that sense, I am ideally making them outside. More than a musician or a singer, I’m a producer and any studio I’m in will become my bedroom. Creation is my life and I don’t compartmentalize it at all. When you better yourself, you better the world. Even if you only interact with one person in your life, the effect of trying to see things for what they are is vast. Change can feel like a fantasy, but I’m not fatalistic about it. I make music because I get results that way. It’s why I promote creativity, whatever that means for anyone.

Yves Jarvis

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