Melody Unveils New Single “Room 111” From ‘Teacher’s Pet’ EP For Lauren Records

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Melody Unveils New Single from “Teacher’s Pet” EP for Lauren Records

recently released a new EP called Teachers Pet on June 12th via Lauren Records, and she’s back with a new track today….

Melody Caudill is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Coming from a musical family, and learning how to play piano at the ripe age of four, she’s been immersed in the creative world of songwriting since before she was in kindergarten. After picking up the ukulele at 13, learning guitar became the natural next step. With inspirations from artists like Priscilla Ahn, Phoebe Bridgers, and Elliott Smith, Caudill writes with a certain sense of vulnerability and confidence.

”Room 111” is about Melody’s 8th grade English class/teacher who saw herself in Melody and made her realize the feelings she was experiencing were totally normal and actually really special. Or as Melody puts it, the song is about “the longing for familiarity, but also the desire to move on and not be that awkward, sweaty middle schooler anymore.”

Ever since she could remember, Melody was always making up new songs. “It was never a question, I always did that.” Caudill shared about writing her own music. At the age of 12, she became enamored with music in a new way. She decided to record some of the songs she had written at 13 to keep as a makeshift time capsule for herself. After the producer told her she should consider releasing the music she had created, Melody did just that.

At 13, she recorded and released her first EP, Thirteen. Thirteen chronicles the life of a pre-teen navigating new life changes. Now 16, Melody has written her second EP, Teachers Pet. Teachers Pet captures the essence of what it’s like to be in high school dealing with issues of self-confidence and finding a sense of belonging. However, Melody isn’t to be boiled down to another angst-driven teen. Her songwriting touches the core of the emotional turmoil we all go through. Whether that’s feeling smaller than your peers or being afraid to show your true self, there are just some inner-struggles we never grow out of.

Early Praise for Melody

“Los Angeles indie pop Melody brings strong songwriting and winsome insight far beyond her 16 years to her debut EP” – Bandcamp

“Identity crises, growing pains, and emotional turbulence all roam the halls of Melody’s songs, narrated with a laid-back kind of honesty.” – The Alternative

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