Chris Bell Releases New Single “Searching In The Dark”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Chris Bell*

In my writing, I always try to combine a personal experience or experiences with things I’ve witnessed in others. “Searching in the Dark,” the first single from my album, Division Street (out now), is a little bit about being on the road and a little bit about the journey of life.
Sometimes being constantly on the move can blur your objectivity, and with the extreme highs come the extreme lows. One can’t really happen without the other.
The mood on “Searching in the Dark” slowly revealed itself to me as the song was written and then self produced, like the rest of the album.
This record captures the yin and yang of the everyday experience, drawn from my personal and professional observations while travelling. There is a lot to be interpreted within the songs on Division Street and I want you to be able to have as personal of an experience listening to it as I did making it.
I look forward to sharing more of the album with you.
Thank you for listening,
Chris Bell

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