Meggie Lennon Releases Music Video For “Mind Games’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Meggie Lennon*

Credit: Francis Baumans 

My new single “Mind Games” is inspired by heartbreak, and serves as a reminder that we can turn things around and make something good out of the bad. 

Stream “Mind Games” on Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Please watch my dreamy music video, which I directed and shot using my iPhone.

I was in the early stages of forming a band, and felt the potential with a guitar player I met at a show. We began working together, and I was really excited, then he abruptly quit because of a lack of time which left me feeling let down. 

I wrote “Mind Games” the following week, on a warm, hazy, summer day. Two weeks later, I formed a full band with great people. The recording experience was a breeze, with Samuel Gemme in Montreal who is responsible for the incredibly sexy guitar line throughout the song. 

Things will get better. Sunny days are ahead. 


Meggie Lennon

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Credit: JD Thériault

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