INiiT Records And High Visions Announce New EP, ‘A First Date With Imposter Syndrome’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By High Visions* 

INiiT Records and High Visions are thrilled to announce the release of the latest EP from High Visions, “A First Date With Imposter Syndrome,” available everywhere from the 26th June 2020. It is the latest musical release from the skate-punk-meets-hardcore trio. 

The E.P. is fueled by the frustration of the band members living in all corners of the country, being let down by those closest to them, and the sense of not belonging in their musical communities. The record consists of five blistering skate-punk tracks, with elements of hardcore punk, emo, post-hardcore and pop punk scattered throughout. 

Recorded by Dom Wright at The Ranch Studio (Creeper, Gnarwolves) in Southampton, the 2 lead singles from the EP ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ and ‘When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me In the Trash’ have already been released online to rave reviews. High Visions have teamed up with INiiT Records to help with the distribution of the EP, with the songs being available to stream or buy on CD from the 26th June 2020. 

High Visions set a high bar for modern punk pop with their new EP. Their songs are addictively catchy, heavy where they need to be and as fun and melodic as the best of the genre” – Mark Bartlett – INiiT Records 



  1. When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me In the Trash
  2. Checkpoint Charlie
  3. Anywhere // Anyone
  4. Isolated, Unstable, Disillusioned
  5. My True North


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