Gold Star Gold Star Releases New Single “If You Only Knew”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Gold Star Gold Star*

If You Only Knew” is the first single from our debut album, Introducing… Gold Star Gold Star, due for release on August 7th. This song is a spinning carousel of ageless pop tricks and treats that comes to a most peculiar stop, inspired by the simple vocal hooks of The Everly Brothers.

We sought out to create a mood of motion, with arpeggiated chords that feel directional with the melody resting aboard. Vivian McCall produced “If You Only Knew” with us on a mix of digital and tape. This was the second song recorded by us, and we were completing the whole process in one day back then, on a four track tape machine before moving to the eight track. 

Recording the harmonies of the bridge of the song with all three of us was a highlight and a delight, now deep into the night trying to finish recording before noise became a nuisance to the neighbors. The song’s glockenspiel tidbit was an exercise in making one of many “dumb” ideas actually work out.

Soon we will share more of our music centred around fantasy love with you. Stay well and thank you for listening.

Gold Star Gold Star

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