Moscow Apartment Releases New Single “Halfway”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Moscow Apartment*

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We are best friends. Our deep friendship developed as the band formed, so there were some growing pains in the first year as we figured out how to process stress, anxiety, and disagreements.

One day we had a big fight and Pascale wrote the beginning of our new single, β€œHalfway,” as a way to ask Brighid for forgiveness. Brighid wrote the second verse and worked on the chorus, giving birth to this song. We produced β€œHalfway” with Guillermo Subauste (mixed by Scotty Hard) and approached its recording in an experimental and relaxed mood.

This past fall, the two of us had a really big falling out that was pretty scary in terms of it being hard to take time away from each other when we have an intense musical relationship on top of all the typical drama that teenage best friends go through.Β 

It seemed kind of hopeless and then we were given the opportunity to play a walk-on role in Stars’ play, Together, and see the intensity and deep love that a band who’ve been together for two decades has. It was a healing moment for us and we went on to perform β€œHalfway” at the post-play show. We had to remember that we really care about each other, love one another intensely and have each other’s best interests at heart.

Soon we’ll be sharing more of our upcoming EP, Better Daughter, with you.Β 

Thank you for spending time with this song,

Moscow Apartment

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