Ludic Releases New Single “Love Me Like”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Ludic*

Love Me Like” was inspired by music in the neo-soul and pop genres that we love so much while intertwining modern production and hooks with vintage songwriting sensibilities. This is a song about a one-sided relationship from the eyes of the beholder, grappling with internal frustration and romantic invisibility. 

Stream “Love Me Like” via Spotify OR SoundCloud now!

This track was produced by Ryan Worsely of EchoPlant Sound, who never fails to make every day we spend in the studio together so incredibly enjoyable.  

“Love Me Like,” is a groovy song that we think could serve as the perfect soundtrack to a great night connecting with your friends or a brooding evening wallowing alone over failing relationships. This song captures the light and shade of our experiences.  

Love yourself!

Ludic – Max | Rhett | Ayla


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