Venture Boi Releases New Single “She Keeps Me In Her Locket”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Venture Boi*

A love triangle and relationship complications led us to write “She Keeps Me In Her Locket,” which features on our debut EP, Trouble (out April 10th). Musically, our goal was to take the intimacy, drama, and dread of a Smiths song and inject it into a setting that would fit on the soundtrack of Drive.

Thanks to mxdwn for hosting the first listen:

Our band leader, Matt Sanderlin, produced the song, sampling everything from ambient conversation audio, to the sound of coins being struck. We used experimental recording techniques to complete the track, which explores unrequited love with a unique twist.  

The titular chorus phrase, “she keeps me in her locket,” takes on a different meaning with each refrain sung by vocalist Lindsey Wallace. The protagonist is first kept close to her heart, but then becomes a point of refuge. The final refrain marks the protagonist as a fond memory and nothing more.

Thank you for listening. Soon we will share more of Trouble with you.

Venture Boi

Credit: Clay Yeager

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