PINEO & LOEB Release Official Music Video For “This Is Your Life” Feat. Glass Tiger & Matt Mays

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By PINEO & LOEB*

This Is Your Life” reflects on the past and looks into the future for Alan Frew (lead vocalist/songwriter of the Grammy-nominated rock band Glass Tiger). We combined Alan’s timeless vocal performance with contemporary production to blend rock, electronic + dance elements for a universal flavor.

Alan recorded the vocals alongside Sam Reid on piano + Al Connely on guitar. We then took that into the studio, working with synthesizers + drum machines while also recording saxophone + additional instrumentation. Matt Mays later recorded his parts at Halifax’s Sonic Temple before everything was mixed down at Orange Lounge in Toronto.


Watch the official “This Is Your Life” music video on YOUTUBE now.

The song encapsulates the timeless quality of Glass Tiger’s massive 80’s hits, while also having a sleek + modern production that blends with today’s pop hits. Matt Mays adds an extra edge to help propel “This Is Your Life” that much further, comparable to Bryan Adams’ feature on “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone,” Glass Tigers’ 1986 classic.


Three generations of Canadian musicians who usually play to very different audiences all came together to coexist musically in a way that anyone can enjoy. “This Is Your Life” encourages you to accept and see the beauty in the current moment. Change is inevitable and the past can never hold you back.



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