Ifreann Release New EP ‘Desecration’

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Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, Ifreann are one of the leading bands in Scotland growing Thrash Metal scene. Formed in 2015 by rhythm section & best friends, Euan Henderson & Jacob Nicolson, later joined by vocalist Ian Gil & guitarists Ben Sanders, & Alina Levanova, Ifreann took the time to hone their skills as a 5 piece band, and conjure their own interesting take on Thrash Metal songwriting, combining the traditional style with hardcore punk attitude, and extreme metal aggression, with a dash of NWOBHM flare, Ifreann quickly became a well known name in the Scottish metal scene, after playing their first show in February 2017. 

Later that year, Ifreann recorded their singles, ‘In Satan We Trust’ & ‘Poisoned Minds.’ Both tracks were recorded and engineered by the band themselves, and were released to a lot of praise from friends and fans for having the old-school edge in the production, while still being catchy enough to entice entry level meta fans. Ifreann later took part in Scotland’s only Metal To The Masses, where they placed 2nd out of 32 bands across the country, after only playing live together for a year. This was followed up by the recording and release of Ifreann’s first EP, ‘Unearthly’ which was met with praise and approval from across the globe, with t-shirt orders coming from as far as Venezuela. 

Ifreann have since headlined tours across Scotland and England and released their second EP ‘Desecration,’ out now! 

EP Tracklist: 

1. Of Blade & Blackened Wing 

2. Raised In Hate 

3. Messiah 

4. Crushed by Tyranny 

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