Forces Release Official Video For “Step In A Sway”

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“Step In A Sway”— our second single, but the first we recorded — is us embracing pure pop. The song is an ode to all those who are first on the dance floor, giving the rest of us wallflowers the courage and inspiration to do the same.

Watch the video for “Step In A Sway” via YouTubeIndie88


The song was inspired by a simple drum lesson we gave to a good friend. As she struggled to stay in the groove, the goal was to get her out of her head and into a rhythm where her body danced with the music. Later, as we were writing it, we realized her journey through that lesson – the struggle to get from panic to flow (or ‘sway’ as we call it here) – is a universal one, and it became an exploration of that theme, in both words and music.


In the song’s video, this is played out by lead vocalist, Jess, walking through the city wearing headphones – literally stuck in her head – and finding ‘sway’ in the forest scenes, where her inhibitions melt away through the music.



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