WHOOP-Szo Releases Official Music Video For “Amaruq”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By WHOOP-Szo*

Watch the official music video for 

“Amaruq,” our new single, on YouTube now.

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There is no single stereotype to associate with indigenous people. The image taught in history books is not the reality of modern indigenous experience. We live in cities, have to drive cars and do a lot of the same things everyone else has to do to survive.

Indigenous people are not relegated to the past, but sometimes that past can help you look into the future. We can enjoy making art in contemporary ways and we love future tropes; Star Trek, Star Wars and 80’s miniatures are relatable to our community.

Our latest track, “Amaruq,” is a dedication to the Inuit Village that helped birth WHOOP-Szo. The song itself is named after the remote, fly-in community of Salluit, Quebec’s local high school. 

The video for “Amaruq” summarizes the thoughts, feelings and emotions conveyed on Warrior Down, our new album. It seeks to find identity when it has been exterminated from your life. It looks into the past to find an indigenous future. 

Thanks for taking the time to watch/listen. 



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