Heaps’ Debut Single “Softly” Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Heaps*

Heaps is necessary change. A process of determining that. 

A space. A freedom to create without inhibition.


Charged within a roadside argument and struck by the juxtaposition of chaos against a peaceful August evening; our debut single, “Softly,” is an earnest meditation on emotional intelligence, what you present and who you are. We have a tendency to view each other as a finite work. Everyone is a process. Everyone is going to change.


“Softly” is available to hear wherever you get your music now.



In another melodic lifetime, we were known as The Kents. Our final release, Within Waves, elevated us beyond five-million Spotify streams. 


Pastel sketches of transformation paint our upcoming debut full-length, What Is Heaps. Recording at Union Sound alongside two brilliant minds – Leon Taheny (Fucked Up, Owen Pallett, Weaves) and James Bunton (Donovan Woods, For Esmé, Vivek Shraya) – was a special experience. The foundations of the record were crafted in a series of escapes: suburban Halifax bedrooms, rural Quebecois disconnection, renovated Michigan church seclusion and Dale Morningstar’s Gas Station on Toronto Island.  


Thank you for listening. We hope you’ll sing along with us!



Warren & Freddy & Tanner & Luke



Photo Credit – @mayafuhr

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