Keith Mosfet Releases New Single “It’s You”

Photo credit – Claudia Konopko. Courtesy of Auteur Research.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Keith Mosfet*

When I was writing the lyrics for my new single “It’s You,” I hoped to describe the small moments in which one can fall in love. This softer side of me is paired with my love of psychedelic, high-energy guitars and souring yet raw emotional vocal melodies, perfectly complementing the array of emotions felt when falling in love. 

Watch the “It’s You” music video below: 

Just as I did with my previous 2019 EP “Superficial Hypocrite,” I took the unique challenge of writing, recording and mixing “It’s You,” showcasing the layering of vocal effects and psychedelic synthesizers. When creating this song, I would record in layers, listen, and then record and mix new ideas on top. Layering like in oil painting.


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