UK Melodic Punk Band Spoilers (Featuring Dan Goatham Of SNUFF) Release New Mini Album “There Or Thereabouts” Via SBÄM Records, Waterslide Records, Brassneck Records, Rad Girlfriend Records

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UK melodic punk band Spoilers (featuring Dan Goatham of SNUFF) release new mini album “There or Thereabouts” via SBÄM Records, Waterslide Records, Brassneck Records, Rad Girlfriend Records
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“This is excellent stuff.”- Jersey Beat

“A melodic punk lover’s dream.”- The Whole Kameese

“…tight and fresh, but there is a rawness to it that screams old school…fantastic…” (10/10)- Rock N Load
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Canterbury, UK — The new EP was half written before lockdown and half written during. Having toured relentlessly promoting “Roundabouts” during 2018 and 2019, we didn’t spend a great deal of time writing, so the plan was to release something new in 2020. We had a few songs finished and then “the event” happened and it pushed us back. We took time to write separately at home and send songs to each other digitally, which we’d never done before, usually writing together in rehearsal studios.

Once we were finally allowed back in the same room, we spent time adjusting the songs and making sure they’d sound great live, as well as recorded. Once we were happy and once we were legally allowed to, we booked the studio to record. A week before going into the studio, another lockdown was announced and we had to postpone. This happened 3 times in total.

Between re-arranging recordings, re-writing songs, rehearsing and reassessing our life choices, it took until 2022 to finally get the songs finished and the record mastered.

To us, the songs now feel like old songs, but to everyone else, they’re brand new, so it’s an unusual place to be. We’re super excited to finally be putting the EP out, however and for people to get to hear the follow up to “Roundabouts.”

Track Listing:

1 – Peaches and cream
2 – None Taken
3 – Straight Lines
4 – Skip To The End
5 – The Good Life
7 – There Or Thereabouts
8 – One More Song

About Spoilers

Spoilers are a high-energy punk rock band hailing from the United Kingdom. Formed in 2015, the band quickly made a name for themselves in the local punk scene with their raw sound and electrifying live performances.

Comprised of Snuff bassist Dan on lead vocals and guitar, guitarist and vocalist Ben, bassist Stu and drummer Leon, Spoilers draw inspiration from a mix of bands including Leatherface, China Drum, Lifetime, Face to Face and The Lawrence Arms.

Since their formation, Spoilers have released several critically acclaimed EPs and full-length albums, including their 2015 debut EP “Stay Afloat” and the 2018 follow-up album “Roundabouts.” Known for their catchy hooks, poignant lyrics and driving rhythms, Spoilers have quickly become one of the most exciting bands in the UK punk scene.

In addition to their studio recordings, Spoilers are renowned for their high-energy live shows. Having toured the UK, Europe, Canada & Japan playing to packed crowds in small clubs and supporting bigger acts on large stages, the band’s live performances are always a thrilling spectacle.

With their unmistakable sound and undeniable energy, Spoilers are a band that demands attention. Whether you’re a die-hard punk fan or simply a lover of great music, Spoilers are a band you won’t want to miss.
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