Lizzie Loveless (Lizzie From TEEN) Releases ‘You Don’t Know’ LP On Egghunt Records

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Lizzie Loveless (Lizzie from TEEN) Releases You Don’t Know LP on Egghunt Records

Genres: Indie, Orchestral Pop, Experimental

RIYL: Fiona Apple, Sharon Van Etten, The Dirty Projectors, Aimee Mann, TEEN

Her airy vocals float over a synthy pop-soul beat – Stereogum

Be thinking Annie, Moloko, Goldfrapp, maybe Dirty Projectors. And be ready. – Chris Sawle, Backseat Mafia

Photo by Charles Billot

album artwork


For Lizzie Lieberson, writing a song is an act of letting go. As Lizzie Loveless, the New York-based artist weaves together her experiences on the road as a touring musician, ruminates on her past relationships and offers an optimistic reprieve for the future. As a member of TEEN alongside her sisters, from 2010-2019, Lieberson has taken the past couple of years to get to know herself again. Debut solo full-length ‘You Don’t Know’ marks a new beginning for the songwriter: an exhale after the transition of everything she once knew and a warm, yet poignant goodbye to the past.

Over the last five years, Lieberson has been quietly piecing together ideas and compositions for ‘You Don’t Know,’ writing in-between her hectic TEEN schedule, whether it was in an old apartment in NYC, under the watchful gaze of the redwoods in California or immersed in the stunning natural beauty of her hometown in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While the record comes with the heaviness of heartache, there’s a cathartic charge under a blanket of electronic soundscapes that allow Lieberson’s meditations to manifest with a hopeful flourish.

Growing up with parents who practised Buddhism, Lieberson says the faith has been a part of her consciousness for as long as she can remember. This upbringing encouraged the songwriter to strive for empathy and patience, for herself and others, and explore the reasons why a relationship or situation didn’t work out as planned. “Memory,” for example, dissects the aftermath of losing a love while also questioning where that love goes. Do we reabsorb it? Is it hiding somewhere in our body? It’s a kind of second loss that comes with leaving behind the memory of someone that Lieberson mimics with ethereal synths, lethargic percussion and delicate, hushed vocals.

On “The Joke,” Lieberson wrestles with a health crisis, urging her to listen to her body, live in the present moment and loosen her grip on the things she can’t control. “I felt betrayed by my own body,” she says. “I couldn’t understand and it took months and a total lifestyle change for me to get back to a healthy, functional place.” Enduring such a change made Lieberson more vulnerable and exposed than ever before, prompting deep reflection that was an uncomfortable and extremely lonely experience. “I was in the thick of it. Feeling hopeless. Or when I did feel hopeful and thought things were improving and then it got bad again, I felt like a fool,” she says. “I felt all at once weightless and like I was sinking.” Lieberson’s ultimate acceptance led her to discover that the answer lay within her the whole time. “I’m now in a completely different place, a much better, healthier place.”

To bring together the sonic world of ‘You Don’t Know,’ Lieberson worked with former TEEN collaborator Daniel Schlett on three of the songs at Strange Weather Studio in Brooklyn. Lieberson says Schlett is a “completely special producer” with “musical instincts and ideas that are always interesting and exciting.” Later, Lieberson pieced together the rest of the LP alongside her partner Miles Francis at his studio in Greenwich Village. “I’ve never made music with someone I’m in love with and it’s been one of the more special experiences in my life,” she says of the process. “His musical voice, contribution and support is enormous on this record and in my life.” As well as Francis’ studio, the couple also worked with Lieberson’s mother in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who contributed mandolin to a few tracks.

The result is an album that honours the past while taking a tentative step forward, embracing new relationships, creative collaboration and the unknown. Lizzie Loveless is Lieberson crafting her own voice and starting her story from scratch, the way she wants to see it written. Change takes real courage and this is the sound of a songwriter embracing joy and pain simultaneously and urging evolution of the self despite the discomfort that comes with reflection. “It was such a time of big change and endings but also new beginnings,” she says. “I was sad, but I was ready to move forward. And I think this is a pretty revealing glimpse into who I am.”

photo by Charles Billot

Lizzie Loveless: Website || Instagram
Egghunt Records: Website || Instagram || Facebook || Twitter || Bandcamp


Produced by Lizzie Lieberson and Miles Francis, except tracks 4, 7 and 9 produced by Lizzie Lieberson and Daniel Schlett

Engineering: Miles Francis and Daniel Schlett
Assistant Engineering: Garret De Block
Mixed by Daniel Schlett
Mastered by Alex Deturk at Strange Weather Studio and The Bunker Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
Recorded at Cornelia Street Studio (Greenwich Village NY), Strange Weather Studio (Brooklyn NY), Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS) and Ellen’s house (Halifax, NS)

Lizzie Lieberson: Vocals, synths, synth bass, rhodes, piano, Moog Theramini, acoustic guitar, drum programming

Miles Francis: Drums, drum programming, percussion, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synths, background vocals

Daniel Schlett: Drums and drum programming on “Window” and electric guitar on “Eyes Of A Man”

Ellen Kearney: Mandolin on “Hold Me Close” and “New York, Yesterday”

Josh Warner: Bass on “Window”

Parker Kindred: Drums and percussion on “Underneath”

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