Inkar-Nation Releases First Single And Lyric Video, Of The Track “To Begin With”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Against PR*

Inkar-Nation releases first single and lyric video, of the track “To Begin With’

Inkar-Nation is a new Melodic Doom/Death Metal band with 4 musicians from 4 different countries:

– AMIR KAZKAZ (Syrian guitarist/vocalist, living in Berlin, Germany) 
– LUCY ROLLMANN (Bass, Brazilian/Portuguese living in Germany, host of ‘Metal is the Law’ radio show)
– SAMUEL MORALES from Spain, (guitarist for GOLGOTHA/ ex-HELEVORN)
– PAUL BELTMAN from The Netherlands (guitarist/composer for RIVER OF SOULS, drummer with GRINDPAD and previously the drummer of SINISTER, SUPREME PAIN and various other bands and projects.)
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