Le Capre A Sonagli Release New Three-Track ‘Funeral Rave Party’ EP

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Le Capre A Sonagli release new three-track “Funeral Rave Party” EP
After sharing the eponymous track along with a captivating video, Le Capre A Sonagli are back with a new three-track EP called “Funeral Rave Party.”



After a long career that has seen them create a name for themselves in the Italian underground scene and an active approach to musical experimentation, Le Capre a Sonagli release their very first music in English to expand their reach beyond their comfort zone.

The band has built a name for itself for its ability to mix genres, sounds, influences and create its own trademark in music. This EP is no exception, in fact, they are pushing the boundaries of their experimentation, creating an intriguing yet balanced mix of sounds.

‘Funeral Rave Party’ is a psychedelic rhythmic ritual, a physical live projected into a dystopian, haunting future, the perfect soundtrack to a Cronemberg film.

The imaginary is powerful.

The band explains:“Follow the faunus into the midst of doubt, where primal instincts and flying machines tune into a possessed, frantic dance to the point of dissolving your ego.

Beneath the stele of the two-faced Janus a bad trip will speak to your mind: welcome Le Capre A Sonagli into your nightmares, face the visions, carried by the currents of the river Styx, Charon will be beginning and end.”

‘Funeral Rave Party’ is a stubbornly self-produced EP.

Thanks to past recording experiences, the band have gained tools and skills that made them want to experiment with the means of sound engineering, shaping sound from production to mixing with their own hands rediscovering the Universe and its complexity in physics and numbers.

Funeral Rave Party is the first volume of a larger work whose stylistic code rests on the foundations of doubt and deception, lenses through which to observe the entire sound world of Le Capre A Sonagli.


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LABELS: Self-Released

1. Overture
2. Funeral Rave Party
3. Exit
“Funeral Rave Party” EP Cover art
OUVERTURE (track):
Ouverture is the opening track, the appetizer served before the ritual.
The pronounced groove of the bass and drums gives way to several ever-evolving moments.
Ouverture is the Virgil of the divine “Capresque” (“Goatesque”) comedy trust and be accompanied on this otherworldly journey.

Funeral Rave Party is the central track on the EP of the same name.
The relentless quarter bass drum incession is accompanied by a techno-inspired afrobeat groove.
The dark and tense atmospheres give way to oriental elements that fit in harmoniously lightening the narrative, catapulting the imagery into mystical and psychedelic settings.
The vocation is certainly dance although the track is complex and articulated.

EXIT (track):
EXIT is the closing track, a tribute to the spontaneous psychedelic and alternative expression of raves.
We chopped up our acoustic sounds and got a dirty, rhythmic and wild electronic mass.
The stated objective is to urge a loss of self through redundancy and obsession, to get you high on straight kick drumming.
Lose Your Ego!

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