Avenues (USA) Release ‘We’re All Doomed’ Album

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Jo! PR*

(Fotocredit: Marc-Alan Perez)

With a mix of 90s skate punk and 80s old-school pop punk, Avenues are the latest discovery from the USA. Their music somewhere between the Ramones and Pennywise has that classic California vibe, even if the band is from Milwaukee!

The album was created over four years, Avenues didn’t have it easy. After drum tracking at Atlas Studios in Chicago back in 2017, drummer Marc-Alan fell almost fatally ill and spent most of 2018 in the hospital after a failed surgery. At the time, the band decided to continue working on the album as support for their band member only after his recovery, but in 2019, Atlas Studio closed its doors for good. The band found a studio in their home country after many months and had the album as good as ready by the end of 2019 when the pandemic gave them another setback. But now, the album is complete – the setbacks and strength that such give a band are audible and palpable on the album and so the long wait was worth it after all!

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