8Snake Releases New Single “The Unreliable”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Rogue PR*

8SNAKE – ‘The Unreliable’ 

‘The Unreliable’ is the new 8SNAKE single. The track has been mixed and mastered by Douglas Wheeler and the new video was shot by various video makers, featuring various past live performances of the band in London UK. Edited and produced by Douglas Wheeler and released through 8MusicGroup. 

The track is about a man that feels victim of people’s never-ending seeking for success and money. He realized that while he is trapped in that reality, he is losing the real meaning of existence. He feels like there is dust in his eyes, he feels claustrophobic and scared. The lockdown, wars, his alcoholism and drug addiction, his mental breakdown.. He wants to restart everything, he wants a new and better life for himself and in the surrounding world. 

‘The Unreliable’ Music Video 

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