Masego’s Self-Titled Sophomore Album Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Capitol Music Group*

EQT Recordings/Capitol Records released Masego’s self-titled album on March 3. With his sophomore album, the GRAMMY®-nominated artist revels in his dualities, mixing contemplation with extroversion, smoldering romance with knowing humor, studied musical discipline with exhilarating flights of intuition.

While Masego is only his second album, he has amassed nearly two billion combined global streams in his career to date. Lady Lady, his full-length debut, contained the breakout hit “Tadow,” certified Platinum in the U.S., Diamond in Brazil and Gold in Mexico. The deluxe EP Studying Abroad: Extended Stay, which included the RIAA Gold-certified hit “Mystery Lady Ft. Don Toliver,” earned Masego his first GRAMMY® nomination. He’s sold out shows and played festivals on every continent but Antarctica.

The new album is deeply collaborative. Masego sought out what he calls the “outliers, the savants” – people like Kelvin Wootan, Louie Lastic, Richie Souf, Monte Booker, WaveIQ and Rocaine. 

“In the past, it’s been, ‘Hey world, I’m talented! Look! Spinning plates!’,” he says. “But now, it’s like, ‘Let me show you my friends’. I’m still playing tons of instruments and doing all the things, but I’m really allowing my friends to shine.” 

Track Listing – Masego 

1. Black Anime 
2. Sax 5th Avenue
3. What’s Your Flavour
4. Afraid of Water
5. Down In The Dumps 
6. You Play With My Heart
7. Remembering Sundays 
8. Who Cares Anyway 
9. Bye Bye My Love 
10. Say You Want Me
11. Two Sides
12. You Never Visit Me
13.  In Style
14. Eternal Sunshine (Firepit)

Photo Credit: Sam Erickson

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