Ask Carol Release New Album ‘AC I: Control You’

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Recorded during the covid-lockdown of 2021, ‘AC I: Control You’ is Ask Carol’s first full-length album. With a dark and melancholic undertone, it takes you from the alternative and cinematic vibes of ‘Control You,’ the title track, to the energetic and punk-influenced alt-rock of ‘Mountains Of Cash.’ In between, you have flavors from all over the genre-spectrum, but always with a solid base in rock and a Nordic twist.  

Lyrically, each song can be viewed as different mental, inner dialogue, happening at different states of mind, at different times in a person’s life. While not all songs were written with that intent initially, they all naturally fall into that pattern by themselves, creating a complete lyrical expression. From ‘Pressure’s On,’ originating in the emotions and inner dialogue we felt early in our careers – when nobody knew we sang or wrote songs at all, getting ready to show the world our creations -,  to ‘Shining Bright,’ with its overwhelming emotions and the contrast of dark, shameful feelings – then suddenly being awestruck and at peace, letting yourself go and giving in to the emotions. In addition to the series of singles released this Spring, the album includes new versions of older singles, like ‘Shining Bright’ and ‘Come Closer,’ but also a couple of previously unreleased tracks.  

Even though Ask Carol has been releasing music for some time, this album marks a beginning for the band. When the pandemic hit, and all touring and live shows were put on hold, Ask Carol took a step back and had to re-prioritize and re-organize themselves. They used the downtime to re-invent themselves and build their band and brand from scratch. After working a lot on videos, self-produced merch and figuring themselves out, they’re coming out of the pandemic with their debut album in their hand, ready to take on the world. Being stuck in Carol’s homeplace, Auma (a small Norwegian mountain community), with only about a hundred inhabitants, they’ve spent the last couple of years in solitude, with only the neighbours’ cows as an audience. This is reflected in the dark, sombre mood that permeates the album. 

‘AC I: Control You’ is available digitally and as a physical CD Order right here.

The band is also working on finding a solution for pressing a vinyl version of the album.

Streaming Link for ‘AC I: Control You’ 

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