The Aquadolls Release New Single “Beachy”; Produced By Chris Szcezech (Goo Goo Dolls)

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The Aquadolls Release New Single “Beachy”; Produced by Chris Szcezech (Goo Goo Dolls)
Tracked #5 on SubModern Radio Chart

Playing Austin City Limits Festival In October
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Photo: Jenna Houchin
Rising So Cal all-female rock trio The Aquadolls released a new single, titled “Beachy,” on August 26 via Enci Records. Released to radio early, the track is already gaining traction, sitting pretty at #5 on the SubModern Chart.

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The song, produced by Chris Szcezech (Goo Goo Dolls), finds The Aquadolls dipping into their nostalgic roots, for a 60s meets 90s dream pop self-love song.

“Beachy” tackles the hardships of coming out of a global pandemic and quarantine. Frontwoman Melissa Brooks says the song, “takes the listener on a trip to the California sunshine with reverb-y guitar and saccharine vocals. While alone at home, we are left with the thoughts of missing those we are far apart from, but realize that self-love is key to making it through these hard times.”

“Beachy” serves as the lead single to the band’s upcoming ‘Charmed’ LP.
Already a festival favorite, having performed for the masses at Lollapalooza, Ohana Fest and Beachlife Festival, The Aquadolls will again grace the stage at Austin City Limits Festival this October.
Cover art: Jenna Houchin
About the Aquadolls:

When Melissa Brooks formed the Aquadolls 10 years ago, it served as an outlet for her to channel her angst. In high school, she was bullied by her peers and music served as a therapeutic way to express herself in a positive way. Though she initially aspired to be the next Lady Gaga, Brooks found her way into rock music for outsiders.

Following the formation of the bedroom project, Brooks — who serves as the band’s primary singer, songwriter and guitarist — released the ‘Free’ EP in 2012 and her debut album, ‘Stoked on You’ in 2013. After cycling through musicians, Brooks joined forces with bassist Keilah Nina and drummer Jacqueline Proctor and things fell into place. The trio released their sophomore album, ‘The Dream and Deception,’ in 2018.

Once their current lineup solidified around the release of ‘The Dream and Deception,’ the Aquadolls made serious moves. They’ve performed with artists including Kate Nash, Pennywise and Jimmy Eat World and have featured on major festival lineups like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Warped Tour and a pair of appearances at Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival.

The Los Angeles-based band spent the summer on the road with Incubus and Sublime with Rome. Bigger things yet are looming large in the foreseeable future.

The Aquadolls’ third album, ‘Charmed’ (which is named after the popular ‘90s/‘00s TV show), is a natural progression for their discography. Don’t let the relatable tales focused on love and relationships, heartbreak and longing for more fool you, the Aquadolls still are about having fun and showcasing humor in their lyrics. ‘Charmed’ charts the growth in the Aquadolls’ sound, fusing elements of melodic ‘60s harmonies and ‘90s-driven crunchiness with a modern twist that ushered in a new era for them and it serves as a strong representation of what they want to do.

For the first time on an album (after punk legend Fat Mike produced their three previous singles), the trio relied on an outside producer. Chris Szczech’s (Goo Goo Dolls) Zen-like figure brought a calmness to the trio as they knocked out each song.

The Aquadolls were in the studio on-and-off since the release of ‘The Dream and Deception.’ The care and meticulous crafting of lyrics and music works seamlessly. What started off as Brooks’ bedroom demos and loose ideas turned into nine songs. ‘Charmed’ is also the first time that the trio wrote as a unit, allowing the tracks to blossom in the studio before transforming into fully fleshed-out songs that ended up on the album.

‘Charmed’s’ first single, “Beachy,” is a prime example of the band’s songwriting growth. Starting off as various guitar and drum loops with incoherent lyrics, “Beachy” emerged as a powerhouse, vibe-y, reverb-drenched, twinkle of nostalgia tale that rejects longing for someone and focuses on loving yourself first. “Sneaky,” another highlight, looks at the angst surrounding the uncertainty of a relationship combined with a sound that channels the Breeders and Veruca Salt.

Even as the current edition of the Aquadolls continues to evolve, their signature sound as a guitar-driven band remains the same. Armed with a continued desire to promote their message of self-love and positivity, ‘Charmed’ is the perfect step forward. Combining a cohesive sound with this message, the Aquadolls are comfortable growing up with their audience — who view things through never perfect, Vaseline-tinged view of the world.
What others are saying about the Aquadolls:

“Coming from the suburbs of Los Angeles, the Aquadolls are punk pioneers in the broadest sense. They ooze eclecticism, stacking elements of indie– and surf-rock on top of a distinctly pop-punk foundation. While their sound might not exist at a comfortable spot for genre purists, fans of sonic experimentation will surely find their versatility entrancing.”- Alternative Press

“… exudes an undeniable attitude…”- New Noise Magazine

“The Aquadolls exude a positively energetic, and powerfully confident vibe. A mix of influences and life experiences between this trio, makes for their inspiringly eclectic, powerful punk rock n roll music.”- Wall Of Sound

“If there was a missing link between 60s girl groups, California surf-pop, 90s skater rock and Taylor Swift’s assertive pop-sassiness it might be this lo-fi band helmed by singer-guitarist Melissa Brooks from Southern California.”- New Zealand Herald

“In line with other historical all-female bands such as Bikini Kill.”- The BC Heights

“If you were looking for a new mood-booster, this is it.”- Riff Magazine

“The Aquadolls are a So-Cal trio primed to blast off. Featuring surf-rock vibes alongside pop-punk vocals, these witty women excel at blending genres and garnering attention they rightfully deserve.”- Idobi Radio

“…fuzzy surf-psych-grunge pop from Southern California with an ebullient sing-a-long vibe.things are on the up-and-up for this cool crew.”- *Oh My Rockness*

“The Southern California band effortlessly pours out infectious shoegazey bops, earnest headbangers, cosmic surf-punk ballads and electrified power-pop anthems. Despite the sheer range of styles and genres reflected in their music, there’s a real cohesion to The Aquadolls’ addicting combination of sharp edges and even keel. No matter what vibe a given song has, it’s clear The Aquadolls are putting everything they have into the music they’re making.”- Hard Noise

“This is a rock band composed of womxn unafraid to unhinge their music from easy listening, a powerfulness laced with irony and sarcasm and sweltering feeling in all of their songs.”- Lithium Magazine

“The group has continued to push themselves creatively in new directions with each release.”- All The Alt Things

“The Aquadolls have managed to piece together an anthem-in-waiting. Powered by woozy chords and a hazy soundscape set atop delicate, but resonating vocals, ‘Disappearing Girl’ feels as though it’s been delivered to us fresh from (a) distant dream. Fingers crossed that world domination is part of their plan.”- Blunt Mag

” A shimmering piece of indie rock, “Disappearing Girl” is built on fizzling layers of percussions as The Aquadolls toy with the raw elements garage and chest-swelling air of dream rock.”- Aupium

“A punk rock power ballad doesn’t sound like it could be possible, but The Aquadolls somehow pull off the impossible.”- If It’s Too Loud

“…energetic and infectious. They’re better than caffeine.”- Illinois Entertainer




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