$5 On Craigslist Buys GANGI’s Mattel Vidster Kids Camera To Make Duo’s “As Fake Estates” Short Film; RIYL: The Pop Group, DJ Screw, Black Dice, Salem

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| Los Angeles, CA

$5 on Craigslist buys GANGI’s Mattel Vidster kids camera to make duo’s “As Fake Estates” short film; RIYL: The Pop Group, DJ Screw, Black Dice, Salem.

100 vinyl copies of music recorded over a decade ago (“Revelatory,” says Buzz Bands of “Animals Figure 427”) have been in storage until finally going on sale recently.


GANGI (L-R): Mahadev, Eric Chramosta. Photo credit: Jeanette Getrost.
GANGI | “As Fake Estates” Short Film 

[YOUTUBE]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFcNUWx_O50
Watch GANGI’s “As Fake Estates” short film at Treble or at the link above.
“Pulsing, dub-inspired rock to psychedelic pop and more abrasive industrial grooves… It’s a strange and disorienting trip.” — Treble
“For the three-track, 12-minute video for GANGI’s ‘As Fake Estates’ EP, I shot using on an old children’s toy camera called the Mattel Vidster,” says Mahadev (fka Matt Gangi) of GANGI.
“I love the look of it. The giant pixels seem to match our sound. We call the sound material ‘mangled,’ and I did the same with the footage by zooming into the landscape of pixels… crushing tape… pushing pixels on a camera that already makes them super compressed… working with technology at its edge just before it turns into total feedback of revolutions upon revolutions.
“The camera, which I bought for five bucks on Craigslist, has since stopped working, which is even more of a drag, as they have a real following now and it is too expensive to buy another one!”
“As Fake Estates” EP
(Office of Analogue and Digital)
Out Now
Streaming Link:

Track Listing:
01. Animals Figure 427 (YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD)
02. Toshiba Maxwell (YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD)
03. Subject Positions Redux

GANGI | About 

“Two men’s trash can be the same men’s treasure.”
Previously praised as “dark and rich” (Los Angeles Times) for its “aural collage that seems aimed at warping any expectations” (LA Weekly) or more esoterically, “a soundtrack to cognitive dissonance” (Under the Radar), GANGI’s “electro-psych evolution has been years in the making” according to SPIN, writing in the summer of 2012 about the Los Angeles-based duo’s second album.
Now, “making” is made as GANGI (Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta) lands in the future with a three-song suite of sonic disturbance from the past. “As Fake Estates” arrived Aug 5 on the artist’s Office of Analogue and Digital label.
The material on “As Fake Estates” was recorded around the same time as the 2012 GANGI album gesture is, and is mostly comprised of what Matt Gangi describes as “mangled” versions of songs that date back to the debut GANGI album A, released in 2007. “We sampled and re-constructed our own re-recordings to make most of it,” he explains.
Chramosta terms the new release “a multiple-decade long lineage of assembly, disassembly and reassembly” or the re-examination of “that which had been left to collect digital dust. Two men’s trash can be the same men’s treasure.”
The elements that call back GANGI’s psych-pop past are heavily spliced and fed through myriad electronic components, channeling the anarchy of The Pop Group and melting warble of DJ Screw. Other influences include Black Dice and Salem.
A collaborative brotherhood that began when Gangi and Chramosta were only 12-years-old, “As Fake Estates” represents the first official release in this decade for GANGI, a project that will go forward with the name Fake Estates from this point on.
Just as this long-overdue release is transitional, Matt Gangi himself is traveling a new path with a new name.  “I found Sanatana Dharma and the traditional yoga since I last released music,” he explains. “My main Guru gave me the name Mahadev.”
“After GANGI as Fake EstatesGANGI will BE Fake Estates,” Mahadev says.
Just as Gangi the man is now Mahadev, the band’s moniker represents a permanent change for the pair after recording and touring throughout the world for years as GANGI. The decidedly more experimental sounds of “As Fake Estates” are heavily colored by hand-built circuits and the noise of revived reel-to-reel tape machines.
“I was building circuits when we were recording this material and we passed sounds through all kinds of things,” Mahadev explains. “Eric grew up around Otari reel-to-reel tape decks. In middle school, he recorded a mangled symphony to his dad’s Otari deck.”
“We were inspired by all the glitch music that was happening in LA at the time that we recorded this material,” Mahadev continues. “GANGI performed at (weekly experimental hip hop and electronic music club) Low End Theory during those days. The experimental electronics that were happening there influenced these sounds.”
“As Fake Estates” by GANGI arrived on Aug. 5, streaming on all digital services and as a vinyl release with etched B-side. These very limited vinyl copies are artifacts, having been pressed and stored at the time that the original recordings were made a decade ago, only to be released now.
Their trash, our treasure.
“As Fake Estates” by GANGI is out now via the band’s Office of Analogue and Digital label.
GANGI | Links

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