Vancouver, BC’s Chief State Release Debut Album ‘Waiting For Your Colours’

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Vancouver, BC’s CHIEF STATE Release Debut Album ‘Waiting For Your Colours’
LP chronicles closing out young adulthood at a crossroads and examining where we belong, our place in the world and allowing ourselves the time to figure it all out.
Stream The New Album Here 
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Watch The “22 Reasons” Video Here 
“Pure pop-punk brilliance.” – Rock Sound

“High energy and relentless with its upright honesty.”- Closed Captioned

“Chief State unleashes (pun intended!) a blast of emo-flavored pop punk about wanting to move on from your state in life.”- Hollywood Life

“As soon as we hit play, our jaws DROPPED. The drums and guitars coming in together, the vocals, all of it gave us the pop-punk stan urge to headbang and finger point along. If you like bands like The Story So Far or Neck Deep, we have a feeling Chief State will be another fave to add to your list! We already know it’s going to be a fan favorite new pop punk release from this year.”- The Honey Pop
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Photo: Lindsey Blane
Vancouver, BC pop-punks  Chief State have released their long-awaited debut full-length ‘Waiting For Your Colours.’

Stream The Album ‘Waiting For Your Colours’ here:

Order Vinyl/Merch Here:

Stream the single “22 Reasons” here:

Watch the Lindsey Blane-directed “22 Reasons” video here:

The follow-up to the band’s 2021 stand-alone single “Metaphors” and 2020 breakthrough EP ‘Tough Love,’ ‘Waiting For Your Colours’ is the culmination of five years of relentless hustle (not to mention a boatload of blood, sweat and tears).

The journey to get here began with frontman Fraser Simpson, who at an impasse in his life, decided on a whim to leave his home in the UK for Japan in 2014 and eventually move to North America to form a band via Craigslist, where he connected with Nik Pang, Chloe Kavanagh, Justin Pham and Joseph Soderholm to create Chief State.

Uncertainty, longing, a search for meaning, and assessing life choices make up the themes on the new album, which chronicles closing out your 20s at a crossroads and examining where we belong, our place in the world and allowing ourselves the time to figure it all out.

Simpson says, “There’s definitely a coming of age theme on the new album. We’re asking ourselves: What am I looking to get out of life, out of being in a band? What joys do I want to pursue and where do I want to place my energy moving forward? We’ve come to the realization that we all need to stress less on the things we can’t control and enjoy more of what we have, what we can control and the journey itself.”

Collectively, the band members spent their young adult lives struggling mentally, emotionally and financially, in pursuit of their dreams, but the grind appears to have paid off, as Chief State is now on the cusp of something great!

With an ever-growing legion of fans in their corner, a reputation for stellar live shows and a new album’s worth of kickass songs in their arsenal, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of Chief State.
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Track Listing:

1. Continental Drift
2. Team Wiped
3. Out For Me
4. Wasting Away
5. Drown
6. Burning Out
7. Losing Sleep
8. 22 Reasons
9. Kills The Loved, Haunts The Free
10. Sakura
What others have said about Chief State:

“With hearts pinned to their sleeves and tears staining their cheeks, Chief State deal in pop-punk at its most bittersweet. Delivering as much urgency as you could possibly hope for”– Rock Sound

“Chief State deafen with high-octane pop punk. (1 of 10 Pop-punk Bands Proving The Genre Is Very Much Alive)”– Alternative Press

“Chief State’s debut album was well worth the wait. The band continues to incorporate the energy and emotion found in their previous material and created a very memorable record.”- Live A Little Bit Louder

“…an instant-classic… ‘Tough Love’ is chock full of high-quality moments.”- The New Fury

“…The perfect mix of modern era punk rock with all the right touches of inspiration from the 90s era bands that littered the rosters of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords.”– All Ages Zine
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