LA-Based Grammy-Winning Producer Rich Jacques Presents ‘Everything Must Change,’ Title Track From His Debut EP

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Rich Jacques
Everything Must Change
Cousteau Records
8 July 2022

LA-based Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques presents ‘Everything Must Change’, title track from his debut EP

 Sufjan Stevens, Jose González, Hollow Coves, Bibio, Elliot Smith, Lisa Loeb, Neil Finn, Ben Folds, Cat Dowling

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“Singer/songwriter Rich Jacques’ earnest and atmospheric compositions echo those of pop giants like Neil Finn, Michael Penn and Ron Sexsmith” ~ AllMusic

“Ethereal yet grounded, this song ranks up there with the best tracks of 2022 thus far, not surprising given that Rich Jacques has mastered the songwriting craft so well, his compositions attesting to this fact time and again” ~ The Spill Magazine

“Rich’s smooth vocals and detailed imagery create an escape from real life”Music Injection

“Meditative, engaging and cinematic with a focus on intimate vocals set against a lush soundscape… soft-spoken folk pop” Chillfiltr

“Takes you to a parallel dreamy world – powerful, heartwarming and soulful” Sweet + Sour

LA-based singer-songwriter and Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques presents his new single ‘Everything Must Change,’ previewing his new EP by the same name, taking the listener through his soothing sonic world. Instantly accessible, this feels like an intimate conversation with an old friend.

At the song’s heart is a sense of life-affirming gratitude and a wave of sonic love and appreciation. Wonderfully beguiling, this song is uplifting amidst dark times as politics, environmental concerns and Covid-related weigh on everyone’s minds.

The EP’s six tracks exhibit gentle majesty and lyrical poignancy; six new soundscapes to explore, making for one beautiful collection of music. Previously, Rich Jacques released the gorgeous and gentle tracks ‘Montecito,’ ‘Can You See it’ and‘New Design.’ This music is warm and honest in its understated charm.

Underlining the restraint from which Jacques fashions his deft and delicate music, the message here is clear as you journey through the music. Change is the only constant.

“This EP was mostly written and produced from 2020 to late 2021 right in the heart of the pandemic. A lot changed for myself, as it did for mostly everyone. It gave me a new perspective on what I was doing out of habit and what really inspired me. The one thing that’s ultimately true in life is change. Whatever is happening, good or bad, it’s going to move on,” says Rich Jacques.

The solitude of lockdown led him to reflect on his life, realizing that many of the fundamental choices he’s made have been based on old habits. A health scare, a change of location and the chance to build his life anew and re-engage with the world, drop old habits and explore new inspirations saw him emerge from this period of his life a changed man. This new EP is the musical document of that period.

Producer, songwriter, guitarist and artist – Rich’s envious set of skills has led him to work with a host of notable musicians and to create music for all manner of media projects. Since moving to LA 20 years ago, he’s worked with such luminaries as Lisa Loeb, for which he won a Grammy in 2017, and Men at Work’s Colin Hay, his music also being featured in such iconic shows as ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

Jacques cut his teeth in the late ’90s as a member of Sire Records‘ alternative rock outfit Brownie Mary and was later a member of 80’s infused alt-pop band Right The Stars, who released three critically and commercially well-received albums. He is also one-half of the songwriting/production team Aalta.

This project as a solo artist comes from a very personal place. Unexpectedly, for someone who understands the art of big, instantaneous and infectious music, Jacques uses only a few core components (guitar and vocals) and few additional musical details to create wonderfully emotive, spacious and drifting music.

As of July 8, the ‘Everything Must Change’ EP was released via Cousteau Records and available digitally across the net, including Apple Music and Spotify. It can be pre-ordered / pre-saved at


1. Montecito
2. Everything Must Change
3. Can You See It
4. Burn Me Down
5. New Design
6. The Stars Above

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