Favvkes Releases Official Music Video For “What You Said”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Favvkes*

Credit: Alyssa Lancaster 

What You Said” is a pop-punk anthem about being fed up with a relationship that doesn’t work. I wrote it while processing the realization that it wasn’t going to change and the aftermath of that. 

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It’s me wanting to stick up for myself and what I know I deserve, but also acknowledging the huge amount of grief that can come with cutting your losses. Gritting my teeth through the pain in the hopes of repairing something that was already dying. It’s like a small cry for help. 

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This song feels very nostalgic and throws back to 2000s pop-punk, but also has more modern production elements; so I went with a skater vibe in the visuals with an ethereal alien twist. I don’t trust myself at all / so I put post-its on my wall / they tell me not to feel so small / and all the other things I can’t recall symbolizes all the things I haven’t done in an attempt to be a better version of myself. 

I hope “What You Said” resonates with you,

f a vv k e s

pronounced « fox »

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