Sincere Indie-Folk Musician Cujo Moon Releases ‘Horizons’ EP

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Sincere Indie-Folk Musician Cujo Moon RELEASES Horizons EP


LABEL: Tone Tree Music / Cujo Moon

LISTEN: Cujo Moon – ‘Moonlight’

WATCH: Cujo Moon – ‘Moonlight’ Lyric video

Stream/ download: Horizons EP

Image credit: Rachel Deeb

“Cujo Moon’s latest EP, Horizons, is a work of intricately constructed tranquility that takes inspiration from iconic storytellers such as Nick Drake and Bruce Springsteen, but infused with Wilmott’s very specific point of view.”NOTION Magazine

“This is far from your “typical” singer/songwriter content. Cujo Moon is a sonic architect: Akin to artists like Haux, Novo Amor and Dustin Tebbutt, he elevates every moment with a delicate, painstaking finesse.”Atwood Magazine

“The initially stark instrumentation and unadorned production are slowly brought to life with gentle string and piano accents while never breaking unwavering focus on Willmott’s voice and loving lament.” – Under The Radar Magazine

“The work of a true songsmith, new single ‘Watch You Shine’ finds Cujo Moon revelling in the craft. A song about grief and loss, there’s a lingering beauty amid the darkness.” – CLASH Magazine

Indie-folk artist Cujo Moon has released his latest EP, Horizons on the 3rd of June via Tone Tree Music / Cujo Moon. On the EP, listeners will find the previously unheard ‘Moonlight’ single, which will be accompanied by an antique lyric video, compiled from clips of a 1928 educational film, as well as the recently released In The Stars,’ ‘Spirits’ and ‘Young Dreams.’ Cujo Moon has received over 8 million plays across streaming platforms with support from Notion Magazine, CLASH Magazine, Under The Radar and Atwood Magazine, as well as landing on over 20 editorial playlists between Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer and YouTube. His single, With Youalso caught the world’s attention when it appeared on NBC’s TV show This Is Us.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Cujo Moon is known to his friends and family as Trevor Willmott, an avid music creator. The musician has found himself working in several bands over the years including The Wild Jays, Dream the Electric Sleep and one half of the duo Neon Rain. While working in his earlier bands, the singer was featured on Coldplay’s website for the song ‘To The Moon’ and shared a stage with the Mild High Club. With soft, intimate moments, Cujo Moon’s sound calls to mind the likes of Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Jeff Buckley.

As the world tumbles, Cujo Moon creates his own little peaceful sanctuary in his latest EP. The Horizons EP takes a moment to look at the world, then reevaluate it through rose coloured glasses, adding tints of magic to the mundane. An EP for the romantic at heart, it takes each worldly struggle once insurmountable and makes them appear immediately less intimidating.

Cujo Moon tells us about the inspiration behind the EP: “I’ve always been drawn to very stripped down and lo-fi records like ‘Pink Moon’ by Nick Drake, ‘Nebraska’ by Bruce Springsteen, ‘The Creek Drank the Cradle’ by Iron & Wine, ‘For Emma Forever Ago’ by Bon Iver and countless others. So for this EP, I tried my hand at a more raw and organic recording process using more acoustic instruments, tape machines and analog gear. It’s a little rougher around the edges, but I think these songs needed that imperfection in order to remain honest. They are songs about life, love and growing older. The EP title ‘Horizons’ represents how we often look to the past and future for answers, but just like a 35mm photo, the distance can make it look or ‘feel’ fuzzy and uncertain.”

Horizons EP Tracklisting 

1. Moonlight

2. In The Stars

3. Spirits

4. Young Dreams

Image credit: Stanislav Cekan

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