New Book About Elephant 6 Recording Co. Includes Co-Founder Hilarie Sidney, Who Now Carries Era’s Sound Forward With The High Water Marks

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Grøa, Norway

New book about Elephant 6 Recording Co. includes co-founder Hilarie Sidney, who now carries era’s sound forward with The High Water Marks.
Sidney chats with MAGNET about collective’s early days, new video she created for psychedelic single “Fingers and Trees Are Only Temporary.”

The High Water Marks (L-R): Logan MillerHilarie SidneyPer Ole BratsetØystein Megård.
Photo credit: Self-Portraits, Illustration by Per Ole Bratset.

The High Water Marks | “Fingers and Trees Are Only Temporary”

The recently released book “Endless Endless: A Lo-Fi History Of The Elephant 6 Mystery,” written by Philadelphia-based journalist Adam Clair, documents the elusive Elephant 6 collective co-founded by Hilarie Sidney, who now leads The High Water Marks. “I’ve read parts of it,” she recently told MAGNET Magazine. “This sounds terrible, but it’s a little boring for me—because I was there.” MAGNET also recently premiered Sidney’s self-created video for The High Water Marks single “Fingers and Trees Are Only Temporary,” which can be viewed at the link above.
In its earlier premiere coverage of the song, Beats Per Minute says, “Known as the home of bands such as Neutral Milk HotelThe Apples in StereoThe Olivia Tremor Control and dozens of others, the Elephant 6 Collective was a refuge for popsters who enjoyed the more psychedelic aspects of the genre. As one of the founders of this musical sanctuary (and of The Apples in Stereo), Hilarie Sidney has long spent time in the company of musicians whose creativities were slightly askew from their peers.
“On ‘Fingers and Trees are Only Temporary,’ the band digs deeper into the psychedelic side of their work, bringing out some fuzzy guitar theatrics, thumping percussion and sweeping vocals that come at you from all angles. The song feels like it’s drawing back to those early years within the E6 hivemind… There’s plenty of lovely nostalgia here, but that’s not why the song works so well. This is its own thing.”
Proclaimer of Things album is the second full-length in less than two years from The High Water Marks, following a (too long!) 13-year hiatus. The Norway-based band fronted by Hilarie Sidney, the co-founder of the Elephant 6 Recording Co. and one of its core bands The Apples In Stereo, maintains and extends the high-energy fantastic fuzz of those sounds.
The High Water Marks | In The Press

“An earworm melody nestled in fuzzy indie rock production.” — Brooklyn Vegan
“Clock-stopping, pulse-raising mega-pop.” — UNCUT
“Complex and considered arrangements… Sugar-coated melodies to spare.” — Pitchfork
“Beautifully warm, catchy, high-energy… garage pop for the masses.” — PASTE
“Potent melodies and propulsive hooks. An irresistible power pop gem.” — Under The Radar
“Giddy pop… Punchy songwriting… Undeniably sunny.” — Westword (Denver)
“Overtly tuneful, with hints of post-punk grit and wistful psychedelia.” — MAGNET
“Get a fix of the exquisitely crafted brand of lo-fi rock.” — PopMatters
The High Water Marks
Proclaimer of Things
(Minty Fresh Records)
Out Now

Track Listing:
01. The Best Day
02. Fantastic Machine (STREAM)
03. Jenny (STREAM | VIDEO)
04. I Told You Before
05. Fingers and Trees Are Only Temporary (STREAM VIDEO)
06. Proclaimer of Things (STREAM | VIDEO)
07. Spectral Roommate
08. Origin of Names (STREAM)
09. Dust and Guitars
10. Devotee to The Chemist
11. Someones’s Song
12. Reason vs. Truth (STREAM)
13. We Are Going to Kentucky
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