French Math-Metal/Progressive Engineers Vertex Premiere New Single + Music Video “Following Arrows”

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French math-metal/progressive engineers Vertex premiere new single + music video “Following Arrows” // Out now digitally through Atypeek Music
About two years (or a little bit less) after the official release of their debut EP ‘Scalable,’ French math-metal/progressive/mathcore engineers Vertex premiered a brand new single called “Following Arrows” available right now on Digital exclusive through all legal platforms thanks to the courtesy of Atypeek Music.

In addition to this news, the band also shared – on YouTube – an official music video of “following Arrows.”

For fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Fear Factory, Meshuggah… 
 Watch the official music video of “Following Arrows” 
 …For the record…

Vertex releases uncompromising organic music that tends to move away from gender codes.

Each member has a world of his own and comes from different bands, like Bottle Next (hard folk), Shelter (radioactive mathrock prog), ça (math-rock) or FoSS (metal). Metal remains a long-standing story for everyone and that’s what made this group possible.

Gathered around influences like Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan or Animals As Leaders, the band from Lyon proves to every headbanger, but also to everyone else, that metal kept all its madness and strength. 
 Stream the single on your favourite platform 

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