Substream Records Welcomes reed.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Earshot Media*

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Substream Records Welcomes reed.
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Los Angeles-based reed. has signed with Substream Records. Making a name for himself producing artists, he expanded his creativity to create solo music. To date reed.’s credits include Migos, OG Maco, Lil Xan, Picturesque and Outline In Color.

His new project includes features from friends he’s worked with over the years including OG Maco, $teven Cannon, Myke Terry, lilbootycall and Ty Talaban.

“I chose these artists because they are musicians I personally listen to a lot in my free time. It was more important to me to work with people I love than people with clout.” reed. explains.

reed. pulls inspiration from a number of different genres. Growing up going to Warped Tour, listening to metalcore/emo, hip hop and a number of different genres has allowed him to create a very unique melodic vibe to the music he creates.

reed. says, “All of my music is meant to be a collection of all the crazy things I think, but I’m too afraid to say out loud. This new EP is about what it’s like to overcome all odds when everything seems darkest.

It’s a letter to every outcast, nerd, overweight person who was ever told they weren’t good enough, to let them know the only barrier is themselves. I put my 100% raw honest thoughts in this record, I hope everyone can enjoy it and learn not to be afraid of being honest with their feelings.”

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