Artificial Eden Releases New Single “Thoughts”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Angels PR*

Artificial Eden was formed back in 2003.

Faithful to their hard rock and progressive metal roots, the band started composing original material shortly after. This, in 2006, led to the release of their first demo EP featuring three songs (released under the initial band name: Quadra.)

In the following years, Artificial Eden participated in numerous festivals, building and enjoying the support of a number of followers. Some highlights to be proud of were taking the stage as the opening act for the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ, for ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno and also for the Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer. The band also performed a live cover of the song “Seven” by guitar virtuoso Prashant Aswani. After posting their performance on YouTube, Mr. Aswani was quick to contact the band to give praise.

Recently, the band’s main composing members, Antonis Panagopoulos and Thanos Paparidis, had been working closely together on the band’s first full-length release that contains six songs. This point in time also marked the band’s change of name to Artificial Eden, which we believe reflects the creative direction that our music has taken.

On October 16th, 2020, they released their homonymous album by Boersma Records (DE).

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