Hollow Graves Release New LP ‘Mid-Century Modern’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Hollow Graves*

The Mid-Century Modern LP, produced by Hollow Graves, is streaming across platforms now!


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We’re excited to share our brand new album, Mid-Century Modern, with you today. It captures life during the pandemic, both the struggles and the enjoyment we’ve experienced during this time. 

Even though lockdown has been long and stressful, you’re not alone. 

There is hope that one day we’ll all be back on the beach sipping tequila and listening to our favourite songs with friends and family.

Mid-Century Modern features “Borderline,” an energetic and angst filled track about a person whose struggles are extending to their community and impacting them negatively. 

It’s about trying to help a struggling friend with the knowledge that you may not be able to affect positive change until they can help themselves first.

Sometimes, it can feel that the best advice to give someone is no advice at all.

We hope you enjoy the lo-fi and dreamy collection of songs that make up Mid-Century Modern.

Thank you for listening,

Hollow Graves

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