Boston Folk-Pop Duo Safe Hands Releases ‘Highs & Lows’

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Boston Folk-Pop Duo SAFE HANDS Releases ‘Highs & Lows’

Stream The First Single “Honestly”
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Childhood friends Caitlin Carey and Mikey Adams form Safe Hands, a folk/pop duo from Boston, MA. Mikey (of pop-punk outfit A Loss For Words) has spent the last 17 years touring in over 30 countries and writing/releasing multiple records on various record labels, most notably, Rise Records.

In 2015, A Loss For Words decided to gracefully retire as a full-time band, leaving Mikey with so much music written and no band to release it with. He decided to call up Caitlin, with whom the last time he had sung with was 10 years prior in their high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast (Cait as Belle, Mikey as Cogsworth).

They got together one night and it instantly clicked. In the last few years, they have released a few singles sporadically, starting with “Love You Give Away,” a beautiful love song. They played their debut live show in June 2019 to a sold-out crowd at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA.

With an 11 song full-length titled ‘Highs & Lows,’ they are proud and confident with the emotion-evoking art they have created. With influences spanning from The Civil Wars and Ray Lamontagne, to Sara BareillesGabrielle AplinColbie Caillat and John Mayer, they blend intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies seamlessly. These two are bound and poised for a bright future.

Of the first single “Honestly”, Mikey says, “I wrote this song while riding the high of a new, albeit brief relationship. It had been months since I had felt motivated to pick up a guitar and this just poured out of me. While the flame didn’t last, at least I drew inspiration from it for which I am thankful.”

Regarding the emotional nature of the album, he adds, “This record is a culmination of years of heartache, loss, love and hope. Highs & Lows refers to the extreme of both ends of the emotional spectrum. When I feel, I feel all the way. I hope I’ve translated my emotions on this record in a relatable way and hope you all enjoy. Just remember if you feel hopeless, you’re not and when you feel loved, cherish and remember it. This record is dedicated to my father and is released on his birthday. Most of this record was written in the cemetery he is buried in, where I lived in a car outside his grave for a year. It’s all for him.”
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Highs & Lows Track Listing

Some Kind of Destiny ft Nikki Hayes
A Paixao ft Luke Rainsford
Old Stones
Love You Give Away
To Have and Hold ft Tohm Napier (Holygood)
Empty House
Mount Vernon
Wide Awake ft Nick Thompson (Hit The Lights)

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