Treasure Gnomes Releases Official Lyric Video For “Messages,” Feat. Lachi

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Treasure Gnomes featuring Lachi


Be Yourself Music 

8 October 2020
EDM DJ, songwriter and producer Treasure Gnomes celebrated the release of energized new collaboration track “Messages,” featuring Lachi on vocals.

We really enjoyed working on this track together. Everyone’s experienced that moment where they still hit ‘Send,’ despite all the advice in the world. I know I have and so has Lachi. I’m just a really messy bitch…”

The track started out as a love/hate letter by Treasure Gnomes to an ex. Lachi fell in love with the angst and together, whipped it into a song. Working virtually alongside Mixcube Studios, they created ‘Messages.’

Stream “Messages”:


Artist Name: Treasure Gnomes feat Lachi
Location: Europe    
Release Title: Messages
Release Date: 8th October 2020
Label: Be Yourself Music
Musician Names/Instruments: Treasure Gnomes, Lachi
Producer Name(s): Treasure Gnomes    
Genre(s): EDM


Twitter: @treasuregnomes
Instagram: @treasuregnomes    
Soundcloud: @treasuregnomes

Artist Biography:

Treasure Gnomes is a DJ, songwriter and producer releasing music under indie record label Be Yourself Music. TG’s latest release is an EDM collaboration with vocalist Lachi on “Messages.”

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