TV COMA (St. Albans, UK) Release Debut LP ‘Wuss’

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TV COMA (St. Albans, UK) Release Debut LP ‘Wuss’
FFO: Jeff Rosenstock, Weezer, Blur, AJJ 
Stream ‘Wuss’ Here 
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St. Albans, UK power-pop quartet TV COMA are back with their debut full-length ‘Wuss,’ now streaming everywhere.

Named after an essay by Bret Easton Ellis called “Generation Wuss,” which criticizes the millennial generation, the band explains, “WUSS is about the people who run the world now, the millennial adults, who are still trying to figure out how to be adults, a generation left blinking at the lights of a rapidly changing world that they helped create, but no longer understand.”

Formed in a cesspit of post-university malaise, TV COMA re-appropriates this word via the medium of punk-flecked millennial pop songs, drawing from the personal experiences of co-frontmen and siblings Max and Leo Troy.

After gaining coverage on Spotify playlist “Hot New Bands,” Radio X, BBC Introducing, Louder and Fresh On The Net, the band is ready to bring its anthemic, guitar-powered sing-alongs to the masses.

‘Wuss’ follows the 2019 release of the band’s well-received ‘Body Negativity’ EP (Wiretap Records).

A music video for the single “Celebrities” is now streaming.

“Celebrities” (Official Music Video)

Director: Luke Bateman
‘Wuss’ Track Listing:

1. My Millennial Life
2. Ian
3. Celebrities
4. Natural Loser
5. Boomerang
6. The Baby
7. Greebo
8. Someday Town
9. Congratulations
What others have said about TV Coma:

“TV COMA is for the fun and wicked, yet also for the depressed and sleepy.”- The Alternative

“…bounces between a heavy metal smash and huge, alt-rock hooks. Singing about being depressed hasn’t been this fun since the last Jeff Rosenstock record.”- Punknews

“I was beginning to think irony no longer had any place in these warped and unsatirizable times, but this playful doom-riddled masterclass in faux triumph is irresistible. Anthemic, playful, dramatic with a flagrant wink over the shoulder, it also acts as an effective commentary on so much of the modern experience of lives led in relentless noisy emptiness.”- Fresh On The Net

“… the U.K. glam-rock oddballs’ sardonic single ‘Have a Party’ delivers an anthemic chorus that Queen would have been happy to write. Cue it up as the soundtrack to your next banger.”- Tinnitist

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